WARNING: Beam does not support Dolby Digital Plus, That is a BIG deal

  • 9 November 2018
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81 replies

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I’m not sure if the TV needs to do a “DD+ to DD conversion” or of it just needs to ask the player in question to deliver DD.

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I looked into Youtube and there's a "hack" to get into the LG system and change the settings to passthrough 5.1. Has anyone tried it?

I didn't use a YouTube video, I used this page http://blog.workingsi.com/2012/02/hacking-lg-55lw5700-tv.html

I bought a $10 remote and accessed my LG service menu to change the setting. Mine is a 55LW5700.

I think it’s the latter. I don’t think TVs do any transcoding at all, but pass the “request” received by HDMI-CEC from the Beam back to the source device, and it is up to the source to send the appropriate signal, even if it doesn't show up as a normal audio option in that device’s settings.

However, this is speculation on my part. There’s an internal logic that appeals to me, but I haven’t researched it. One of these days, I’ll look up the HDMI-CEC spec and see what it says about passing that data request back to a source. Or, if there’s a video engineer willing to confirm or debunk my theory, it would be nice to have an authoritative source.  

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@Tejs Dyrvig Ernst Yes, I am and was getting Dolby Digital from all my sources, also from a Chromecast, but that is not used anymore and was replaced with a FireTV Stick. Netflix and also Amazon Video (not sure right now, if they use DD+) are working fine for me and I get Dolby Digital+. As said, there is no conversion/transcoding happening, Dolby Digital is just the core of Dolby Digital + and at least my two Philips TVs will output that just fine.

I’m using a Philips 32PFK4101/12 and 50PUS6272/12 and these are not even high price models, the first one is not even a smart TV. In general I think Philips is fine when it comes to audio. 


@106rallye Your TV seems to an older model. The entry and basic Samsung TVs back in the days didn’t support Dolby Digital passthrough and I think that is what’s causing the issues for you. More modern Samsung TVs do support this feature now (I think from 2017 onwards). 

It sounds fantastic. I assume you mean you were getting Dolby Digital and not Dolby Digital Plus on your Sonos as the Plus is not supported. And you did confirm receipt of Dolby Digital in the Sonos-app? I have never gotten anything but a “Stereo” read on Sonos when using a Chromecast. 

Will visit a dealership later this week and have a look at their Philips-lineup then. I had one a few years back which was horrible in many other ways, but hopefully they have improved :)


Sorry for the late response. Yes I was getting Dolby Digital and I have actually tested it last week with my old Chromecast and still it was working fine. I tested Netflix and selected a DD+ track from Stranger Things and the TV has put it out as Dolby Digital just fine.

I spent two hours researching Sonos and the internet for a solution to this problem. At last, I was able to solve my issue by doing the following:

  1. Upgraded my Sonos OS to  SONOS 2 ( S2 v12.0.2) from  App Store( Apple, Google Play, etc.).
  2. Ran a test in Netflix and was able to hear audio in my Play 1’s and Beam.  
  3. Resolved

... Nearly every surround sound amplifier has had it built in for the last five years.  It’s now the nearest thing to a universal surround format which is why the omission of it from the latest Sonos bar is so puzzling and frustrating.

more then 100% agree !!!

I am looking to buy a sonos beam because of so many good reviews, but will wait (or change brand) until DD+ and eARC will be available.

Ah the Beam Gen 2 perhaps??? ...(maybe one day..!!) ..but I would also want it to include ‘Atmos’ capability too for use with the current streaming services, like Netflix, alongside at least the DD+ compressed format… but that would then still not take care of Apple TV, which is supporting Dolby MAT (TrueHD uncompressed on/by the AV Receiver). 

Question is whether Sonos will want to upgrade the Beam Codecs as it stands at the moment and possibly damage some PlayBar sales by adding such additional codecs to the Beam? ...I personally can’t see that happening and think we’ll have to wait a while. Time will tell though, I guess.