Surround Sound with odd shaped room

  • 22 February 2017
  • 4 replies

I have a Playbar and 2 x 1's as surrounds. My sofa is in front of the TV/Playbar and the rear left Play 1 is behind me in the corner of the room but the rear right is quite some distance away (ie I'm not in the centre of the system) How can I increase the volume on the right hand side speaker to make up for the difference in distance?

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4 replies

You've got two options. First would be to use Trueplay, from an iOS device, which would help define the appropriate volumes programmatically. It's about a 3 minute process, so if you don't have an iOS device, having a friend stop by, installing and connecting the app isn't a huge issue, and since the data is stored on the speakers, it stays "tuned" when they go away with their iOS device. (hmmm, wonder if I could set up a company to go around and do this for people here in SF?)

Second option, and slightly more difficult, I suspect, would be to move the second Play:1. I tend to keep mine at either end of the couch, on a pair of Flexson stands, so they're at the correct height. But I do normally sit on the left side of the couch, so I did my Trueplay tuning while sitting in that location.
If you can't Trueplay tune them to set the balance empirically, manually configure the surrounds with different distances to the listener. If necessary pick the smallest speaker distance for the left surround, and the largest for the right.
Thanks for replies... thing is I've used Trueplay multi times in different ways (doing it "properly" / keeping away from the right hand side so it think's it's metres away) but I never end up with the result I want... the right hand side is just too quiet and is dominated by the left. @Ratty; when you say manually configure.. how? I can't see anything in the app for this?
If you configure with an Android (or a computer) then Trueplay isn't an option, and the controller asks questions about the distances of the surrounds from the listener.

But you have Trueplay, so the above doesn't apply. During the first Trueplay stage ('balancing') try skewing the results by inclining the iDevice away from the right surround speaker.