Sonos with 8 Polk Audio In-Ceiling Speakers (TCi60i)

  • 2 March 2017
  • 1 reply

My new Home wired with 8 Polk Audio In-Ceiling Speakers (TCi60i) 2 Family room, 2 kitchen, 2 dining & 2 second floor and I want to play music in all ceiling speakers. Also want to doo Zone 1 and Zone 2

Also if I am watching movie on TV , how can I have surround sound with Sonos Play bar

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1 reply

Since the OP sent me a private message with this same question, I thought I'd post my reply here. Once again, I am not an expert in this area of knowledge:

Hi, ramkqa,

Unfortunately, I'm not the best person to answer your question, which is why I didn't respond to your post in the normal boards. That being said, there's some data that I'm aware of, but only tangentially, because what you want to set up isn't anything similar to anything that I've ever done with my Sonos system.

First off, there'a a method that is outlined in a FAQ somewhere on how to set up Connect:Amp's as "surround" speakers on the Sonos website. That would require, I'm told, directly wiring an ethernet cable between the Connect:Amp and the Playbar. Read that FAQ, it should explain things more clearly than I can.

As long as you're powering all of those in ceiling speakers with a Connect:Amp they will play anything you send through the Sonos ecosystem. Each Connect:Amp would be set up as it's own "room" And since I'm not familiar with those Polk speakers, I don't know how many Connect:Amps would be necessary, it depends on the impedance of the speakers....a crucial piece of information, and one of the main reasons I didn't reply on the boards. I just don't have *any* experience with the Connect:Amp or those speakers. There are a lot of other people who frequent these boards who have much more knowledge to impart than I do.

So, depending on how many Connect:Amps is required to power all 8 Polk speakers, that would be how many "rooms" you would have. If you set up one (or more) of them as surround speakers, then the music would be sent through both the Playbar and the surrounds, and a sub, if you had one connected.

Frankly, I'm going to cut and paste this response on the boards to your original post. Hopefully some of the more educated users of this board can chime in, point out where my assumptions are incorrect, and possibly give you better and more accurate information.

Good luck.