Sonos sub replacement (RMA)

  • 4 May 2017
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Hi I recently just replace my sub as it have some cosmetic defects. My current sub is still under warranty. I have drop a email to sonos support customer service and they told me to begin with a RMA request. Once the RMA is approved they will send a replacement unit. I asked sonos will I get a brand new sub n their answer is your replacement unit will be the same as your current unit. My question is is the replacement unit is a refurbished unit or is brand new? Thanks

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4 replies

I think the first couple of questions that needs answering here haveybel, is how long have you had your current Sonos Sub and what use have you had out of it already before applying for your replacement?

Did you buy it from a local store, or online/direct from Sonos?

Sonos do offer a 100 day money back guarantee if you purchased it direct from them. Different local stores may have their own replacement policy. Outside of those policies though most suppliers tend to offer a fully inspected replacement, which is often the same as your current unit. It should be of new-like appearance and fully functioning, without fault and your existing guarantee will usually transfer across to the new unit.
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Hi ken,
My current unit is 6 mth old and I bought it from a authorised sonos dealer in Singapore. Sonos did transfer the sub to the dealer before I did a exchange.
Yes I Guess I got a new piece minus the cosmetic damage.
Any Sonos product outside the 100 days, but still within the guarantee period, I would expect the manufacturer or the store to replace it with a refurbished item of the approximate same age and in good cosmetic condition. I personally would not expect a free brand new device, as I would have already had a fair bit of usage out of the original item.

I don't think anyone would complain at that type of situation... but, if I had bought a sub however from Sonos and it was within their 'wonderful' 100 day guarantee period, then I would hope for a brand new replacement from them, or my money back, providing the fault was with the product itself and not as a result of anything I had done to it. (i.e. Dropping the device or placing it next to hot radiator etc.) ..

From personal experience I have found most stores in the UK tend to replace items with new devices in the first month or so and then tend to offer a repair or refurbished item for the remaining product guarantee period, which is usually between 12 months or 3 years depending on the product.

Some more expensive electrical products like large TV etc.can sometimes come with a 5 year manufacturer guarantee or occasionally some of the large stores will often provide their own lengthy guarantee to attract further sales.

Personally I do tend to shop around for a better guarantee period offer, even if that means having to pay a 'little extra' for it, because it brings 'peace of mind' for some of the more expensive items.
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Thank you for the advice.