Sonos S14 thoughts and wishes

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Hi. I actually enlisted all my Sonos for sale, as I think Sonos isn't up to date and actually doesn't have the visions to be (for us surround users) updated, only for multiroom purpose.

BUT, now s14 is in the horizon which is rumored to have hdmi. For at start I think its nice, since I will be able to control Sonos sound on my Apple TV remote app.
In this scenario, it would be nice and some kind of a must if this S14 has at least one hdmi input.I use all my hdmi inputs on my old b6 and would have to skip one unit in order to make place for at Sonos soundbar with hdmi. I think many Sonos users use all of their hdmi inputs on tv as its kind of the thoughts - the tv is the hub.
BUT isn't this against Sonos´s "bulletproof" philosophy?. im thinking on handshake issues, personally I could think Sonos only supports sound on hdmi, in order to avoid handshake issues.
Well it may have a hdmi 2.1 socket which have the capacity to potentially fix many of these hdmi issues.
Which brings me to my next thought - atmosphere is the shi... right now and is quite common, is it really realistic to think Sonos AND atmos.
Well hardwarewise I could think a Sonos connect for atmosphere or play one/1.

How about the design? The blueprints shows a square?

What are your thoughts and wishes for this new home theater unit?

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Sadly, there is no public livestream of the event for you to watch online, but Pocket-lint will be there to bring you all the news as it happens.
Live stream:
What audio codecs and formats will Sonos Beam support?

Sonos Beam plays audio from PCM stereo, Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital 5.1 sources. These are the most popular audio formats for streaming video on demand and watching TV.

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Well Well Well, What do you guys think?
Im so disappointed:(. Had to sell my playbase, as i dont have a furniture anymore.
At no point im willing to spent the money on a 2013 playbar and the beam is just a smallscale soundbar. Sonos says playbar and base are still the flagships.

I had hoped for a new playbar, and instead a new release and a design (again) that doesnt match any other Sonos products.
Imo this beam is only for users who wants a more full tv sound and not for those who want minimalistic hometheater.

Sorry Sonos im out except for my Sonos ine in my kitchen.