sonos beam gen 2, sky q and Panasonic tv dolby problem


This is an old topic but all the answers that I find do not work for me.

The only way that I can have synced sound and picture is by using the ‘normal’ setting in Sky q, the Dolby settings will immediately lose sync. I have checked my TV settings and there is no pass through switch but bitstream, I am told, will give me Dolby. No, it doesn’t.

I connect my Sonos direct to the arc plug on my set. 
I have no idea what to try next.

I need a genius out there to solve it for me!

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If you’re having lip-sync issues that can’t be resolved because the connected TV has no available option to pass-through the playing audio and the TV processor is slow and perhaps not up-to the job of sending the audio quickly enough to the Arc to keep it in sync with the video on screen, then one option to consider is an AV extractor/splitter so that the video is sent to the TV, but the audio bypasses the TV altogether and is deliver in a more timely manner to the Arc.

There are three such audio extractors I’ve seen mentioned in the community here and they are…

HDFury Arcana

Feintech VAX04101A

OREI HDA-931 or OREI HDA-935

(This is a link to the OREI HDA-931):

So you perhaps may want to research those devices further to see if they may resolve your issue - I understand that all support the relevant codecs in use by the Sonos Arc. The attached image shows how such devices, like the Arcana, can be added to a HT setup. The Feintech device has the HDMI switch built-in.

I’ve no experience with a Sky Q setup, but hope the information here assists or proves useful to your research.


Thank you. I will have a look. It sounds a little complicated but if the is the way to go, then….


And a bit expensive. Maybe I should just buy a newer TV!

Hi.  It is the way to go.  It’s not as complicated as it may seem.  One HDMI into the extractor device (instead of into the TV).  Two HDMIs out of the extractor - one to the TV, the other to your Beam.

I use the the Arcana, which was the only option I had at the time.   It works great for me, and allows me to get perfect lip sync and Dolby Atmos from a 2016 LG TV that cannot do either.

Note that I don’t have Sky but use a Fire TV stick.  I cannot think of any reason why it should not also work with Sky.

And a bit expensive. Maybe I should just buy a newer TV!

Newer doesn’t guarantee lip sync.  Although you can of course check for a pass through option before you buy.


Thank you. That is useful. Just to be clear, the cable that comes with the Beam and currently goes to the TV would go to the new kit and one from that back to the Beam, the other back to the arc connection on the TV?

I am not sure that is the best way to think of it. The best way to think of it is that the source stream consists of audio and video. Your current set up sends both to the TV then the audio is sent back out to the Beam.

Instead of that, the source is sent to the extractor, the video goes to the TV and the audio goes directly to the Beam  


Ah, yes. I rather meant the actual way to arrange the cabling! Good to get an explanation of what actually goes on though!


Incidentally, the HD Fury seems to be the only option easily available in the UK. I will give it a go.


Just to thank you both for your assistance. Installed the Fury this morning and now all sorted beautifully. Took me a while to fathom out the connections but that is just me. Many thanks!