Recommendation for Entertainment Center/TV Stand for Sonos Playbar + Flatscreen TV ?

  • 23 February 2017
  • 3 replies

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Just curious if anyone had any recommendations for an entertainment center/TV stand to accommodate a Sonos Playbar + 50" flatscreen. Wall-mounting the flatscreen isn't an option for us unfortunately.

We have something from Ikea now and the Playbar sits directly in front of the TV and just barely clears it so the Playbar isn't obstructing the TV. It's also pretty narrow which is a downside. Both barely fit on it.

Not mandatory, but we have a little one who is just starting to stand and walk so something a little high from the ground would be ideal.

Also not mandatory, but anything with cabinets would be a help too.

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3 replies


Allow me to 'fess up. I've got a fairly similar stand from IKEA. It's actually one of the white cabinets for the living room (can't remember the obscure name) to hold up my living room TV. In order for it to be "above" the Playbar, since the stand wasn't quite tall enough, I bought two of the white "no support" shelves, which are about 2 inches thick each, and have them sitting on the cabinet. Then the TV sits on top of them, and the playbar in front of them. In fact, I think I actually have 3 shelves....2 small ones about 8 or 12 inches wide on the bottom, so that the cable can run in between them, and a larger version on top, to support the TV stand.

It's not too cheap looking, while I wait to actually mount my TV on the wall. I've moved it 3 or 4 times in that room, and want to make sure I have the correct location before doing the wall mount.
Ah, here we go.

What I'm using is the Besta unit, 2 door Article number 592.098.37

On top of that, I have 2 Lack shelves of the small variety (Article Number: 502.821.77), and on top of them, one Lack shelf of the wide variety (Article number 102.821.79), which supports the TV stand. The optical cable runs in between the two smaller shelves on the bottom to the back of the TV.

Since everything is white, it mostly fades into the background. Oh, I did cut a bunch of holes in the back of the Besta unit, to provide enough airflow for my various components (Blu-ray, DirecTV receiver). I'm still considering adding a couple of computer fans to help the airflow, but so far, haven't installed them.

Hope this helps.
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FYI - After too much searching I found these which might work for us. While I prefer the second, there are a lot of reviewers reporting difficulty using remotes through the slatted wood. Anyone have any better suggestions? Looking for something to ideally store the Playbar (and cabinets would be a plus to keep the little guy out of there).

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