Playbar and hdmi rumor. (late 2018 / early 2019)

  • 12 February 2018
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52 replies

Thanks. Not a huge fan of twitter myself, but perhaps I’ll have time to keep an eye open tomorrow. More likely to see it all here in the boards tomorrow night, though.
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We won’t know until there is either a confirmation on a release from Sonos this year...or not. As much as I want it to be true doesn’t mean it is true. So I’ll hope for the best, and not be wildly disappointed if it doesn’t pan out.

But in the meantime, I do need to do some research with regards to his claims. I haven’t been following HDMI 2.1 very closely.

The part that makes it fake to me is the fact that their would be so few TVs that would have a function like eARC, and Sonos’ propensity for maximizing revenue by hitting the widest market possible. If Sonos had shown in the past that they were releasing hardware at the cutting edge of technology, I’d deem this more probable.

I hope I’m wrong, but I do want this thread to be a balanced understanding of the potential, and not a “OMG, it’s going to be released next week” thread. So far, it hasn’t. I want others to apply a critical eye to this, much as we have so far.
I agree. Nice way to sum it up basicly. If you (or anyone else) find anything that can be somewhere confirmed about the 2.1 EARC and stuff that'd be great. Your point on TV's that they'd require 2.1 EARC technology is a pretty decent argument although the TV industry always improves their technology aswell. Some day it's gotta happen. Not EARC specificly but a HDMI "upgrade". Will it happen soon or rather later? dont know. but if EARC comes to TV's pretty soon, it might be a little clue to the whole picture. I'll see if i can do some research into the EARC feature aswell so see if i can dig something up. Without anything confirmed, i hope this will happen. Because if it doesnt, HEOS might take over this household... or other setups. Which is why i so heavily hope this is true. Rumours like these is what makes me extend my "limit" before i change setup so either way it actually gives Sonos more time to figure their shit out before they end up like Nokia. - Not following technology and ending up bankrupt.

Changed from sonos 5.1 to heos 5.1. Very happy with the choice after 3 years of me whining about dts and hdmi for my playbar. You can check out my comparison here: