Perfect 5.1 settings?

  • 5 November 2016
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I'm just pondering the perfect setup in regards to 'sliders' for perfect settings....

I have the sound bar, and sub, with 2x play 5's acting as the surrounds. My 2x play 1's are downstairs for other uses.

This post is referring to perfect level of bass in sub, i.e. increased to max, with sound bar with bass setting at 0,and surrounds at 5%, blah blah blah for example...

This is not a 'why use play 5's for surrounds' topic... i have the money to waste, they are surrounds... PERIOD!!

But all jest aside, your thoughts would be much appreciated, as i haven't 'tinkered' much with these phennomenal products, and want an atuned setup.

Much obliged.

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17 replies

Perfect 5.1 settings?

Whatever sounds right for you. The corollary of 'money to waste' is 'time to spend'. Get tinkering.

Seriously, everyone's room size, geometry, furnishings are different. As is one's taste in music.
Seriously, why did you even bother to write that reply, no insight whatsoever?!....

Let's take it i live in a perfect sized room, and so do you, we listen to the exact same music, are the same size, weight and both our favourite colour is blue...

Anyone else whom wishes to entertain the question I've asked and not cause any form of moronic tangent... then please write me a reply...


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What ratty said was exactly right, there is not a pre-determined perfect setup that anyone can present to you. There are too many variables, ranging from room size to preference. Otherwise, if there were a "prefect" setting, then there would be no need for adjustment capabilities in the 1st place.

That being said, I have not adjusted my bass or rebel sliders, have loudness on, and have my Sub bumped up a little bit, maybe 20% above the mid-level on the slider.

Good luck.
Ask a silly question, got a better answer than it actually deserved.

There is no one right answer, you'll have to wait for Trueplay for Playbar to be released but even then you probably won't like it, a truly "accurate" setup typically has a lot less bass than most people enjoy, so you'll end up changing it anyway.
moronic tangent
Enjoy your tinkering.
Actually have been 'tinkering' and have achieved perfect results.... thanks for all the input. Now go play Kenny G on your army of play 1's.

Please don't reply, if you do it means you love me and I have won the universe.
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How rude. I shouldn't even reply to you. There is no perfect setting as it all depends on your room and environment. So you ask a question that can't b specifically answered and then act like a troll. The only way to get a more perfect 5.1 is something like the trueplay avaqe on the individual play units but not playbar or 5.1 setup currently
Chris the 'Rockstar' loves me.

Drama much? The answers given to you were spot on. Nobody was rude to you until you threw your tantrum. If you can't handle the truth without lashing out like a child , then maybe this is not the place for you.
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Luckily this whole thread will soon enough go away.
Perfect 5.1 settings?

Whatever sounds right for you. ... Get tinkering.

why did you even bother to write that reply, no insight whatsoever?!
Actually have been 'tinkering' and have achieved perfect results.
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Good to see he achieved perfection.
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Alright, jumped in this thread and edited a couple things. Let's all just take a step back here and stay on topic.