New to Sonos and need advice please

  • 5 November 2023
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I just bought a Sonos Arc and planning to get a sub. and two Sonos one Sls for surround sound system. Iam completely new to Sonos and will appreciate advice. I heard that I cant stream music from my Android phone to the Arc or the SLs..Is that true? Is there a way a round it? Iam not into Iphone and dont want to buy an iphone just to be able to use Sonos. 

I can purchase the Samsung Q990C this weekend at a good price and Iam wondering if I should go for that and just sell my new, unused Arc?

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9 replies

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Whilst you cannot stream tracks stored on your phone do think of the Sonos App as a remote control. This remote tells music streaming services to play music on your Sonos equipment. There are also streaming Apps that can connect directly such as Spotify using the Spotify app.

Have a look at what services you might be able to stream if available in your location…

Thank you very much for your reply. So I will be restricted in what i can stream from my android phone. It seems too much faff for what is an expensive system. I will probably stick the Arc on Ebay (still new) and go for the Samsung as more versatile (more HDMI inputs, bluetooth, works with any phone and cheaper)

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Not sure you understand what Sonos is, again primarily ignore the phone. If you play music using the Sonos App in your phone you can turn off your phone, destroy it and the music will still be playing.

Yes but you are limited to apps used by Sonos and cant stream music saved on the phone.


What audio do you want to play? TV audio? Blue-ray discs? CD’s? Records?  Cassette tapes? Video Games? Online Music services? Music that you’ve stored on your phone or computer over the years? Internet Radio and Podcasts?

Mostly Blue ray discs, foreign (non english) streaming app on android phone, music stored on PC

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Not sure what streaming apps you want to use on your Sonos, but many apps can be added to the system (through the Sonos app). Adding some apps might require you to temporarily change your country settings on your Sonos profile - in my country I needed to do this for BBC Sounds. So there might not even be a need to stream from your phone, that Sonos indeed does not do from an Android phone.

You can directly play music stored on a computer or external hard drive. Once music play is started, the phone/pad controller can be shut down, however, the computer must be running. The Blu-ray player should be attached to the TV.

Thanks for the info! Mainly, I want to play foreign streaming apps and music stored on my PC.