Issues With Sonos Surround- Play 1

I have a Play Base-1, Sub and 2- Play 1 surround speakers.
PlayBase1, Sub and Play 1 all in same room and use as home theater -
Issue: -->I barely feel any sound from surround Sonos 1. Unless I go and stand next to it, I cannot feel any sound.
PlayBase and Sub are part of Room1. Sonos 1 speakers are paired as speaker-pair as part of Room2.
Issue: I can feel the surround. But there are sudden drops in connections for a moment. This happens almost every minute when I directly playing from TV and almost every 30 sec when casting to TV. This is very annoying.

BTW I have connected Playbase to router via ether net, creating a dedicated Sonos Network.
My entire purpose of getting Sonos is wasted..

Please help me getting a solution, or I have no option but to return these.. As this is really annoying..

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Case1: Have you run the TruePlay option in the IoS app (not available on the Android app)? This will run a test tone through the speakers and balance out the sound. Optionally, you can manually increase the level of the surround speakers in the app - what happens when you do that?

Case2: I'm kind of confused. These dropouts don't happen in case1?
Hi Tom,

I did not try it from an IoS app.. I will do that today. But in the Android App as well it ran a test tone for sound and bass I had to select the best option.
I just cannot understand the drops..

The drops, yes i had one in case 1 as well.. it happened after i wrote this question....
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OK, if it's happening in both scenarios, then at least you have some consistency here.

1. Is the optical port from the Playbase connected to the TV or a AVR? If AVR, try going directly to the TV.
2. Have you tried another optical cable?
3. What is the TV using for it's audio out format? Auto, PCM, Dolby Digital, bitstream? Have you tried different formats?
4. Do you get sound drops when playing anything from a different source like Pandora, Google Music, etc?
If those play okay, than you need to concentrate on the TV's audio. If they also drop out, then we need to look at router/WiFi issues.
Hi Tom,

I am using an Optical cable directly to TV. the output of TV is Dolby Digital. I have never seen it happening from TV.