in doubt of buying sub

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And when I turn sub on does it lower the bass frequency of both sonos 5s or just the one the sub is paired to 

It would lower that of both only if they are bonded together as a stereo pair.


That explains why one sounds different from the other thanks Kumar 


Kumar will I have to unpair the sub first then set up sonos 5s in stereo then add the sub 

Yes, that is a good way to ensure that the end result is what is desirable. Remember to again do Trueplay tuning at the end.


Help lol I paired the 2 5s stereo then added the sub done true play with sub off trueplay on 5s sound a lot better when I turn sub on the whole system sounds not good the 5s sound better with sub off in trueplay no mid bass with sub on what am I doing wrong I done trueplay 5 times