I have a question about the sons arc

  • 4 December 2021
  • 2 replies

I have a question about the sons arc in combination with the five I miss a stereo feeling with the arc is it possible to use the sonos five as a stereo in combination with the arc.

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2 replies

Hi, John B Thanks for this quick response.

This is a clear explanation, I'm going to delve into this. I come from a pioneer amplifier with B&W loudspeakers so yes I have to give up something with the sound. I'm going to follow your advice and try the five. Thank you Ron.

Hi, if you mean use the Arc for one channel and a Five for the other, then no, thank goodness, as it would sound awful.  

I understand the desire for stereo imaging.  The Arc does a pretty good job with music, IMO, and I think the side-firing speakers can give some separation, although it depends on the room.  There is always a compromise when using a soundbar for music, though.

A pair of One SLs sounds very good and you may be better served by buying those for your music listening.  Or better still a pair of Fives, although that does come with a significant price tag, of course.