Help with Home theatre setup: Arc, 4 media inputs, 4k TV & 4k projector outputs (both with earc)

  • 23 January 2024
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Complete newbie in desperate need of help to create a home theatre set up with a recently gifted Arc and Benq 2710i. I’ve searched and searched this community and the web to find an answer but to no avail, even AI failed me. I know it’s probably me, so I’m hoping the experts in this community can help. 

My equipment is as follows: Sound: Sonos Arc, 2 x Sonos One  Outputs: Samsung Frame (2023), Benq 2710i (both have earc) 4 media inputs (Virgin cable TV, Firestick, Blueray DVD, HDMI WiFi dongle for laptop).

Here’s my wish list of a setup: output of all the inputs, only 1 at a time, to either the TV or projector and have atmos sound to the Arc. Use the TV media dongle on the Benq 2710i to output sound to the Arc.   This last wish I can ditched if it creates too much of a complicated /impossible solution.

I expect to need to invest in other technologies to make this possible and that Sonos officials will not be able to make those recommendations, but this talented community can!

Thanks in advance for your ideas!

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2 replies

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Try the search again, look for matrix switch and you may find something.

If the forum search fails you then try your favorite search engine but add the site option to restrict your search here.


Thanks for the advice re the search parameters. If I find the answer I’ll update this question and in the meantime if someone knows the answer I’d be grateful of your time to help out a newbie!