HDfury Arcana: eARC Adaptor: Things you should know

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Does anyone have experience using a Sonos Arc + Sub + One SL’s using the HDFury Arcana for use with a video projector? Or any thoughts on whether this setup would be able to deliver a Dolby Atmos signal to the Arc system?

Actually a revised opinion..

The features section suggests that it can add eARC functionality to a soundbar, although the headline comments suggest something different. Needs further consideration...

I’ve an old working tv with arc but no dd+.so no atmos. Just torn between getting a new tv vs investing in arcana. May be it’s worthwhile upgrading the tv.

thanks for your input though.

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Hi! My LG TV can pass through Dolby Atmos (DD+) through HDMI ARC, so when I watch Netflix and Apple TV + or iTunes Movies with the native app, I can get Dolby Atmos... Just would like to know how I can get the most out of the HDFury Arcana? I have some devices (PS4, Blu-ray player, Chromecast Ultra, Android TV box) connect to the TV via a HDMI switch, and connected a Apple TV 4K directly to the TV with another HDMI.

And how the connection with the HDFury Arcana should be?

On the HDFury website, there’s a pretty good explanation on how you should hook it up, if you click on ‘getting started’ which is an inch or two down the page. 

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On the HDFury website, there’s a pretty good explanation on how you should hook it up, if you click on ‘getting started’ which is an inch or two down the page. 

Thanks! Will have a look! :)

I have a Shield TV (2019) + Sonos Arc + Sub Gen3 + 2SLs with a Hisense H9F


A couple weeks prior there was a TV update that caused Dolby Atmos to no longer work with my Arc. It was DD+ since the TV only has ARC not eARC. This made me seek out a viable solution which is why I ordered the Arcana.


I received the HD Fury Arcana and now I have Dolby Atmos working from the Shield 2019. All I did was update to the latest firmware and connect to my Sonos and I’m back in business with my H9F. It’s an expensive fix but having the sound bypass the TV has solved some CEC issues that was happening intermittently before. I believe the sound is much better as well. Atmos shows fine in the S2 Sonos app.


Prior to the Arcana the sound would intermittently go through the TV speakers and then back to the Sonos ARC. Or the sound would raise and lower continuously for 30 seconds before settling back down. Now with this device I have no issues and the ARC actually sounds better… Well worth it IMO

I had the same issues with my Shield/Hisense H9F and found that the Arcana negated all of them by bypassing audio from the TV completely. 

My only issue now seems to be with CEC even when all CEC options are enabled, ex: the Shield remote does not turn off the TV. You said you updated the firmware - was this for the Arcana, and if so, how did you do this?   

Well I can at least confirm that Arcana does all that it claims to do very well.


I have Roku Ultra stick which supplies most apps.  I have this plugged into my Arcana.  My TV is a 4K Samsung.  Sound is from Sonos ARC, AMP, Sub and ceiling rears

I have set the TV audio out to “receiver” but it is unpredicatable whether the sound does come out the Sonos.  Mostly it does but sometimes it reverts to the TV, sometimes it seems to be coming out the Sonos but the TV remote increases the TV sound.  I am not how to make it always come out the Sonos

Other than that, I am happy with picture and sound coming from Roku to Arcana to Sonos