Google Tv remote control volume

  • 11 December 2013
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Hi i have a sony google tv and i manage to connect the sound bar etc, the only problem i have is the volume and the remote control, am using NSG-MR1 REMOTE thank you

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11 replies

I have the same problem with the same setup.
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Hi User646760, 

what exactly is the issue with the volume and the remote control please? 


Daniel H. 
I can not turn the volume up or down instead am using my Sonos app on my cell for now. Thank u Daniel
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I have been trying to look up the specs but not been able to find much info. 

Does the remote feature IR ? If not, that is why it won't control the PLAYBAR. 


Daniel H. 
I have the same issue and yes the remote has an IR feature. It still won't work with the PLAYBAR.
This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled How do I program google tv remote nsg-mr1 to work with playbar?. I have a sony google tv DVD player (NSZ-GT1) that uses the sony NSG-MR1 remote. It has an IR blaster that used to work with my old sony receiver. How do I get the IR blaster to work with my Sonos Playbar?
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Hi everyone, 

having checked the Sony Website for the NSG-MR1 and were unable to find any additional information. 

For what it's worth, maybe you could reach out to Sony directly to see if they have any experience with this. 
 one more victim of SONOS vs SONY-GoogleTV not talking to each other.
Has anyone got an answer from SONY, given that SONOS is not owning up the problem?
Hi, I am stuck with the same issue. Right now I programmed the my Comcast XFinity remote to manage volume control, but I would prefer to use my Sony-Google TV remote.

Come on wizards of Sonos and help us out.
I have the same issue, same TV but with the Sonos Playbase. I've connected the devices and changed my TV to output sound to external speakers. Sound plays from the Playbase.

I'm now trying to configure the TV's remote to control the volume of the Playbase, and the Playbase doesn't seem to recognize the volume command from the remote.

On each press of the volume button, a message is displayed on the tv: Audio system is not registered

In the TV's settings, there is an area in which I can configure the IR remote to control an AV receiver. If I check this button I'm asked to specify the manufacturer and the frequency code. If I select one of these manufacturer/code pairs, on pressing the volume button the tv notes: av vol+
But the Sonos device still doesn't register the volume press.

I tried through a handful of the frequency codes under the Sony manufacturer name in that list but none seemed to work.
I am interested in this question as I am looking into buying either a Sound Bar or a Sound Base (pointers on which is better would be appreciated!).

I'm hoping to improve my listening experience while watching TV -- I have a Sony XBR85X850D and it has optical audio out. I am using the single remote that came with the TV and like it a lot (I used to have multiple remotes for various devices instead of using a "base common denominator" universal remote).

If I purchase a Sonos Sound[Base,Bar], will I be able to continue to use my single Sony remote to control everything, or will I have to use another controller (be it a phone app or another remote) to control the volume of the audio produced by the TV and being output by the Sonos?