Fives and Arc for outdoor covered location

  • 29 September 2023
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Hello, I have a house full of Sonos gear including a Move for times on the go.  Currently looking to outfit a covered but open air structure with 3 mounted TVs.  Dimensions are 70 ft X 36 ft, metal room is 18 at peak w/ TVs and speakers to be mounted at the break at 12 ft.  There are no walls but speakers will be protected from direct sun and rain/weather.  Central Texas so temps will stay above 100 in the summer but rarely stay below freezing for more then a couple of days.

  1. would Fives and ARC handle that environment?
  2. would 4 Fives installed at each corner (well inside the edges to avoid direct exposure to sun/rain) and an ARC under the main TV in the middle fill that much space?   Is there a formula or calculation to predict volume ?  The space is mix use, TV watching and music playing/dancing.  

Like to hear any thoughts or suggestions.  Any considerations I haven’t listed here?   For context, I had initially ruled out Sonos as an option due to exposure to the elements and producing enough volume to fill that amount of open space.   



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3 replies

Neither the Arc nor the Fives are designed for outdoor use, you can check their specs/tolerances on the sales page of I wouldn’t use them outside, even in Austin, where I used to live. 

Your second scenario might be feasible for music only using speakers designed for outdoor use, driven by Sonos Amps, again, I’d avoid using the Sonos Arc as an outside speaker, any warranty would be canceled by that use, I think. 

Afraid of that.  Appreciate the feedback!

I would definitely go with Sonos amps and outdoor speakers for that setup.  You can run 2 pairs of speakers off a single amp (3 if you use Sonance) and each amp can connect to a TV via HDMI-ARC.  Since you are using more than 1 TV, you can connect an amp to each TV and, probably adjust the delay to get any additional amps pretty much in sync.  I’ve done this before with 2 amps/TVs, if the TVs are using the same HDMI source.  The amps should be placed inside or in an outdoor enclosure designed to protect them.

Arcs and Fives would really be a bad choice for that environment, besides voiding the warranty, since they are designed for surround sound and atmos, and you can’t really play that format in your location.