Can Playbar Blow Out?

  • 30 April 2015
  • 4 replies

My girlfriend accidentally flicked the volume up to max on her iPhone hooked up to my new Playbar. Do I have to worry about this possibly blowing out my playbar if this happens again? 

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4 replies

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Difficult to give a definitive answer but the only thing to be concerned about are the speakers themselves. Sonos is a quality device and in designing they should have rated the speakers in excess of the maximum output of the amplifiers that drive them. This being the case I wouldn't be worried.
I wouldn't wait to find out.... Get shot of her now before she does it again....
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All Sonos components are capable of playing at 100% volume without damaging themselves. I personally wouldn't recommend extended playback at full volume, but a bit of ear damaging, window shaking good times won't hurt.
Holy god, this beast is so damn loud. I accidentally did the same and got a real shock - relating to my ears and my playbar. Thanks Ryan for this information. Maybe the developers can think about a security function for this. Can't imagine what would have happened if I had a Sub. 😉