Best Setup with New TV and Xbox One

  • 20 April 2017
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Hey guys. I am wondering what is the best setup for my entertainment system. I have a LG OLED B6 TV, a Sonos Playbar with surrounds and a Xbox One. My old setup was running the optical into the Xbox from the Playbar because my tv was older. Now with the new TV what is the best? optical to the TV from Playbar or Opitcal to the Xbox from the Playbar. Thanks!!

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4 replies

If the TV passes Dolby Digital through the optical, everything will be easier if you connect the Playbar with the TV. At that point, you'll get the XBox One along with anything else that you push to the TV in Dolby Digital coming through the Playbar. Basically, the TV set becomes a switchbox, so that anything that's on it will have both the Video and Audio on, without extra effort on your part.
I recently bought the same TV and ran some tests driving a Playbar 5.1 setup with a PS3 slim. As far as I can see, this TV passes DD5.1 from internal TV apps (like Netflix), but will NOT pass DD5.1 from an HDMI source like the PS3. I connect the PS3 optical audio out directly to the Playbar and it works fine in DD5.1.

There is a thread here which is worth reading. We might need to change a service setting on the TV using a service remote to get HDMI DD5.1 pass-through, but someone else says their LG OLED B6 works fine. It might be region specific (the model number of this TV varies slightly between countries - in Australia it's a B6T). I haven't pursued this any further.

Cheers, Peter.
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I have the exact same Tv in UK, everything connected to it by HDMI. I have home theatre linked to tv by optical which displays what it is receiving (ie same as if using playbar).
The tv passes everything thro to optical from my PS4. From Blu-ray I get, DD5.1, DTS:X
Thanks, that's good to know. I might have to play with the settings a bit more. The settings apply to whichever input is activated at the time, so maybe I didn't get that right.