Beam atmos vs playbay

  • 27 November 2021
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Hi brains trust

Here is my conundrum. 

I will be getting a base level TV for the spare room and wanted to pump up the horrible tv speakers slightly with a beam. 

In the main TV room I have a 5.1 playbar setup. 

So my question is whether I should just put the beam in the spare room or move the playbar into the spare room and have the beam 5.1 setup in the main room. 

Going to need to stuff around with wall mounting etc so need to make the right call early. 

Anyone have experience with both and can help out?

Thanks in advance.

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3 replies

Only you will know which sounds “best”. One consideration might be the size of the TV relative to the size of BEAM and PLAYBAR.

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Valid point. Old tv with playbar is 75 inch. New one for spare room will be 55

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If you enjoy the sound of the Playbar and can live with it’s limited feature set (no HDMI or Atmos) - as you seem to have the last few years, I’d put the Beam with the secondary TV. The Beam might have more features, but being the smaller speaker it should sound less “full”.