Arc/Atmos - TV support for passthrough from Apple 4k?

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I wish to connect my apple tv 4k to my LG CX that supports eARC 


I have not been following the audio issues people have had with apple tv 4k and Sonos ARC, as I generally just use the internal apps on the TV but would like to use apple app on the box to get the apple extras.

Will I have issues with audio?

What audio settings should i use, my TV is set to passthrough but on the apple box i’m not sure what to alter if need be. just need to be able to get atmos and 5.1



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Thank someone told me to change the pass through to auto and everything started working after the last update guess they stagger updated between Europe and USA. Glad it’s all working finally 

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So does anyone have pcm input selected rather  thank bitstream  I have output set to auto and I get atmos from appletv 

Hello all,

After waiting quite a while, I finally got my Arc.  I keep seeing that Apple TV won’t play Atmos through the ARC port.  I have my Apple TV 4k connected to my LG C7 which is connected to my Arc via the HDMI2 ARC.  I didn’t change any settings on any devices, and I tested out a few iTunes movies that had Dolby Atmos and the Sonos app was saying it was playing in Dolby Atmos.  This is my first exposure to Dolby Atmos, and I gotta say I was underwhelmed.  I was anxiously awaiting the 3D sound aspect (I have two One SL’s connected too) but I really didn’t get any 3D sound.  It’s located in a pretty small room, mind you, and I did the true tuning or whatever it’s called.

Is it possible that even though my app says it’s playing Atmos, that it actually isn’t?  Am I expecting too much from 3D sound?  I tried Baby Driver’s opening scene and Spiderman Homecoming as these were listed as some of the better sounding ones on a quick Google search but I didn’t really hear anything special. 

Thanks in advance for any input!