Add ability to schedule night mode on a Playbar...

  • 28 December 2013
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With a child's bedroom above my living room (where I have my Playbar) I want to be able to schedule my Playbar to go into night mode at 7pm every evening and allow me to override that through the controller app of my choice on the rare occasions that I do want night mode off in the evening.

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20 replies

I agree. This would be incredibly valuable and seems trivial to program. Other options would also be an easier way to initiate night mode (triple clicking the mute button, for example) and a visual indicator of when night mode is on (different color or fading/blinking of led).
Agreed, please add this, now we have to manually activate the mode every evening/night because the deep low bass is to loud for late tv viewing/music listening. Would be nice if we can configure the start and stop time for this function.
Yes, please add this feature!
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Yes please!
Me too!
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It is a good idea
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I concur. Definitely a widely useful option.
+1 also make it on off via an IR command would be good too.
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+1. Very useful
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Essential that this is added.
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Please add this. I have gone weeks with night mode accidently since its hard to remember the next day to turn it off.
Agreed also to add this! I too sometimes have it on as I forget to turn it off! Perhaps just a simple timer...
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Yes please to this! Would be a great idea!
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+1 This request was also made on the beta community boards.
Figured this would be a given but after spending 10 minutes trying to find this in the settings, I see that the option still doesn’t exist. Auto settings for night mode should be a basic function, please add!
Please add!
Please add either IR or Harmony hub commands for night sound! Thanks
You can set up a routine to do this on the Yonomi app. As a test, I just setup a routine set the family room volume to 25% every week day at 7 PM. I can only assume it worked since I'm not home and it's not 7 PM.

Yonomi is free btw. There are other apps and smarthubs that can probably do this too, but the routines may require you to specify an audio source. I tried Lutron as well, and I it required a source.

I get that it would be preferable if this were in the Sonos app itself, but it's better than nothing.
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This is sorely needed. Setting the volume to 25% is not the same as turning on Night Mode. I see this is an old thread but hopefully this will bring it back to to Sono's attention.