5.1 setup with play 3

  • 2 November 2016
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Current the full 5.1 setup with play 1s as my left and right. Has anyone had experience using play 3s as the left and right? Was there a big difference in sound?

I currently have 2 play 3s on the way. Deciding if I should place them around the house or change them out with the play 1s and put the 1s around the house.

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5 replies

Most people consider the play:1s more than adequate for surround duties. The play:3s will be more impressive if you're listening to music with the Full setting enabled.
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Maybe I'll just place the 3s around the house.
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Yes 3's would be better around house then as surrounds. As the 3's have a little more mid-range. With the 5.1 setup having a sub in it you are handling bass already pretty good so the 3's wouldn't be much use in the surround setup.
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Awesome. Thanks guys!
I replaced my play:1 with Play:3. While it does sound a little better It was not really that much of a difference. I am considering putting the1 ones back and using the 3s in other rooms. have not decided on that yet. But if I had to do it again I would stay with the 1s and use the bigger speakers in other rooms.