Sonos Ace Supported Bluetooth Codecs

  • 29 May 2024
  • 3 replies

I understand the Sonos Ace supports AptX Lossless and AptX Adaptive. Does it also support AptX HD and AptX?

3 replies

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I would really like some clarification on this, too. A full list of supported codecs is missing from the Specifications.

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@AshR0409 looks like the answer is no, according the SoundGuys review. They’re limited to SBC or AAC unless you have one of the vanishingly small number of phones that support AptX lossless - no adaptive support either, by the look of things. Very disappointing.


@iainholmes81 Just got them - they do support AptX HD on my Pixel, and so I would expect they support AptX and AptX Adaptive based on your device) as well.