Google reply is too loud

  • 11 August 2020
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On google branded and other google speakers, there is a volume control for googles response, separate from the volume of the device. Is that possible with Sonos 1, or is it just controlled by overall volume?


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46 replies

I have to ask my sonos with google assistant to lower the volume when I know it will respond, and then ask it to raise the volume again to play my media. Otherwise responses can be jarringly loud, depending on what had just been playing.  It REALLY needs a separate volume control for responses.

I found GA voice to be too low on arc. Went to a non sonos GA speaker( home mini) and tap the side of it that increases the volume on the mini. Went back to arc and the GA voice was louder.

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The assistant "shouting" has been a problem since day one.

Complaining, describing and voting, is flogging a dead horse.

Fix it Sonos!!!! It's destroying the whole experience. 

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Lmao came here looking for an answer see it’s been an issues for a long time. I have arc plus sub and Sonos 1’s for surround. Can barely hear GA on my 1 I’m using it for. Also have a 1 upstairs in master bedroom that screams at me everytime. I’m in shock that for the money I spent on the Sonos system that I can’t control the volume of the assistant voice. It’s literally unsable in situations 

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Unbelievable that this problem isn’t fixed. I prefer using an Echo Dot over my Sonos One to avoid being yelled at. Please fix this, Sonos!

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Well, it's been more then over a year now and it's still not possible to seperately adjust the volume of the GA.. SONOS please fix this ASAP!!!

Has this really not been fixed? Like many others I’ve had to stop using my Google assistant on the Sonos because it’s unbearably loud. I bought the Sonos on the basis that it had the assistant option. It’s embarrassing. Just sort it! Please 

Plus one. It’s really annoying. I will not acquire any more Sonos gear if this is not fixed.

+1 please. Will not buy a new sonos with GA unless this is resolved. Please put pressure on Google to fix. Thank you.

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I created an account just to bump up this post. LOL


To our advocates at Sonos:

Please bump this up your developer backlog. With smart homes becoming more mainstream these days you’re going to be losing a ton of existing and potential clients. Perhaps someone needs to make a youtube video on the pitfalls of sonos with home automation integrations for the higher ups to pay attention to this. 


My problem:

I don’t listen to music all that loudly and I have my google doorbell set to chime over google assistant connected speakers. Half the time,  that means i don’t hear the doorbell at all. 



As many have “chimed” in above, please have a separate volume setting dedicated to google home assistant notifications. 





Plz come on! I can't even hear the assistant. This is crazy bad.

Google Assistant is too loud. I have TV and music at a reasonable volume but Google Assistant responses can be heard by my neighbours and are embarrassingly loud. This needs fixing, and can't be difficult to implement. Come on Sonos, unless I'm missing something, this is really disappointing.

Guys it is crazy that this is not getting fixed.. Please bump up this thread!

Honestly, i will trash my Sonos now if this is not getting fixed and i will not buy a Sonos product again.

GA / Alexa is a major use case for me and it really is useless like this! I bought a smart speaker that i can not use properly because i can not understand the asisstant or the alarms i have set? This makes absolutely no sense.

Bump. Still no solution for this.

Absolutely ridiculous that this has not been fixed. I have now owned my Sonos one for a good 1.5 years, and for the last year i haven't used Google assistant at all, simply because I was sick of it SHOUTING at me. I've even occasionally used a custom command and schedule to turn it down to a reasonable volume - that i have to use every time I talk to GA, but using Google assistant alongside any kind of audio is hell. For my sanity and my ears I've stopped using assistant all together.

How on earth Sonos has not prioritized and tackled this issue yet, which is making a complete fool of a selling point feature, is beyond me. I won't purchase another Sonos product before this is fixed, and when my Sonos one finally screeches and dies i will be taking my wallet elsewhere. This must be the fourth time over the year I've visited this thread without a hint of progress. It's crystal clear that Sonos gives zero f***s. Yes I am pissed, and you should be too.


Do better!

They probably screwed up 3rd party assistant to encourage use of Sonos Voice Assistant. Another freaking lock in neutering decision. Either support the 3rd party assistants fully or don’t include it. Just don’t half ass it!

This thread originated a year ago. Sonos Voice Control was released today, June 1, 2022. Are you suggesting that Google screwed up the implementation of the Sonos API for voice control in order to assist Sonos, a year later?

Very disappointed to have bought this. GA beep and answer way toooooo loud. Wakes up all neighbors when i say to turn off lights. Sonos = expensive electronic crap

I have stopped at one Sonos device 3 years ago (when I wanted to buy way more) because of the Google assistant issues with voice volume. I have too many smart home devices to not use GA. So no more purchases for me unfortunately till they can resolve this. Sad really!