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  • 11 August 2020
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On google branded and other google speakers, there is a volume control for googles response, separate from the volume of the device. Is that possible with Sonos 1, or is it just controlled by overall volume?


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46 replies

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Are you sure there’s a separate volume for the voice of Google Assistant only? 

I’m aware that Google did test this feature and it did roll out to some users (including me) but revoked the changes made soon after.

As of now the feature isn’t available on any of my Google Home/Nest speakers.

Perhaps you’re confusing this with a separate alarm volume or night mode (which both aren’t available on Sonos)?

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Ive found this as I feel the response of Google Assistant is louder (even more so) than usual. 


Meaning to look look into this for months. The Beam GA voice is shouting. No matter what the speaker volume. 


I need a fix. Because the first time in wakes my daughter. It will be in pieces.

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Strange thing is on my Sonos devices the GA volume is directly related to the (last played) music volume. Has been since the start.

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SONOS, please address this issue right now. This basically makes the google assistant unusable. You could basically remove the voice assistance altogether. I’ve been thinking of just buying some nest minis instead. If your unable to do this with google please release a quick workaround where you can choose assistant volume in the Sonos app.


@Sonos please

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Hi everyone, thanks for reaching out and bringing this up to us.

We highly appreciate your feedback for this is essential to make Sonos a more intuitive system.

Controlling the voice assistant volume separately can be a very useful feature for sure, I can definitely see the obvious benefit out of it.

While we don't have any specific details that I can share around if this can come to Sonos, or when it might, I'll make sure that your voices are heard with the team and pass this along with the necessary department. It would always be best to let both sides know if there's a feature you're looking for.


Feel free to let us know of any other feature requests you may have, we’d be happy to send them up for you!

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Plus 1 for this request, it's more often than not too loud, and I find I'm having to use my phone instead which defeats the purpose of buying a One.

It seems like for the longest time I was able to change the Google Assistant volume independent of the TV volume. Now I can’t. Was this an option before and now isn’t? Because it’s a huge pain no being able to hear Google when I have my TV at the volume I like. 

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Agreed google assistant volume is way too loud, the entire neighborhood heard me turn my backyard lights off tonight. Please fix!!

Agreed! I am considering unlinking google assistant from sonos beam because the response is so loud!!

Still happening 😔

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This is rubbish. I just bought a Beam and the inability to control the volume of the assistant completely ruins the feature. Fix this, it’s 2020 (almost 2021).

Please bring the feature to control the google assistance volume indecently quick this should be done yesterday

Can u fix this problem. I cant use this in the morning without waking up my entire household. If u fix this i van start recomending your product again.


For some glimpse of control I made an IFTTT applet that sets the volume of my Sonos devices every night at 03:00 AM. This way my morning talk with Google won’t be of a suprising volume.

Oddly my issue seems the opposite. I can be listening to Tv, say “hey google” and barely hear the response. If I ask it to play music, it’s much lower than the tv volume was. I can increase the volume but it doesn’t seem to remember it, as the next interaction is also VERY low. This does make the feature useless...

Why on earth is this a year later this is still an issue??? I have my music playing at volume 4 but cannot hear my alexa alarm as the music still overpowers it and alexa volume is 1.. Makes the assistant useless when playing music, you have to pause the music to hear what its saying.

I have been using GA on Sonos One for over a year, without this issue. GA volume has always been on a “moderate” level, regardless of music volume - Until I upgraded to Sonos S2 a few days ago. Now I have a similar issue as the rest of you above. GA volume is in my case very low. I can turn volume up, but to hear what GA is saying, music volume is on a level that could almost shake down the house…

Is there a solution to this (i.e. separate GA volume control) in sight?

Same here super loud for google assistant

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Wow Sonos, really? This still an issue and concerning a main selling point?? Shameful! I should return my Beam but I apparently didn't learn my lesson from the LAST 'screw you very much' Sonos pulled with obsoleting good gear recently. I don't know where your heads are but get in the game, guys. Sonos is going downhill faster it seems :/

Yes Please fix this issue! google assistant is useless together with sonos one at the moment. 

Google assistant volume is to loud. Give us the opportunity to increase the level. And in my case I would like a solution to mute Googles answers at all and replace it with just a silent beep. 

And another issue is that you can't set volume for the Google alarm as well. 

For me it’s the other way around - Google Assistant is way too quiet.

Hope this functionality can be implemented asap.

Hey Guys,


so far nothing has happened.  A workaround would be to provide the One with a home speaker and define the Sonos speaker as the standard output device in the Google Home settings. Then you should turn off the microphone of the One.

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Wow, I got a notification that a "best answer" to this issue had been marked....and it's a five month old comment that "we'll see about it"??? While I can appreciate that it takes longer than snapping one's fingers, I think that a problem that renders the Google Assistant, one of the selling points for myself and others, unusable isn't just a "convenience tweak" that we might should get if we're lucky!

I've long since unlinked the GA on my Beam since it BLASTS through the walls at 5 in the morning. This is ridiculous and should have been hot fixed almost IMMEDIATELY. I actually should have just returned it and honestly, it wasn't my first choice for a sound bar but I already have lots of Sonos equipment and I wanted something that worked with what I already own... But, this is the worst in a long line of recent snafus and problems. "Get it together, Sonos" doesn't even cover it anymore.


Ok, 7 months and counting.

My neighbors can still hear exactly when I’m using the Google Assistant through a Sonos device.


Come on Spotify, this issue makes the Google Assistant unusable for a lot of people.

Some response would be nice…


Kind regards,


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Seriously!   I just joined Sonos last year and have been singing their praises.  But now my partner wants to throw my babies out the windows! (Windows which are already broken from the earth shattering boom of mr. Google at 7am). It really is incredulous that speakers this pricey and intelligent can’t have such a basic feature as separate volume control for alerts