Google Assistant responding but not doing anything

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Our Sonos One has stopped playing the requested station from Tunein. On switching on it flashes orange for a few seconds then nothing. Google assistant states playing the station but silence.  Is this an on going issue?

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Keep checking

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Same question

Is this GA vs Sonos isdue solved yet?

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Since the problem is identified but there’s still no solution (follow the link posted above), I’d assume someone either at Sonos or Google os working on this. But you can never be sure of course…..

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I am experiencing the same thing.  I have 2 MOVE speakers.  GA responds but does not play a song/Artist etc.  However, if I start play on Spotify, GA will pause/skip etc.  Does anyone know if SONOS is actively working on this? 

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There has been no upgrade to disable GA. There is an outage on GA at the moment though, see, maybe that is what you’re experiencing? I have not read this was caused by an update on the Sonos side of things. Asking for a refund after three days of seeing an admitted fault is a bit much, too.

Reding in this fault a set up by Sonos to move you to SVC seems a bit paranoid to me.

I share your sentiment that Sonos’ move away from Google Assistant on the Era speakers is a bad decision, especially for people who do not speak one of the “Big Five” languages. Like Dutch, also my native language, since neither Alexa, nor SVC is available in Dutch, if that is what you mean. I understand though that you can still command the Era’s with a Nest Mini.

I think you’re wrong about the S1/S2 split. The (ultimate, it must be said) decision to keep supporting S1 systems, affecting people with systems more than fifteen years old, was to be applauded. The choice to split to an S2 version seemed technically unavoidable.

You could give in to Google by buying a couple of Nest Mini’s, though admittedly that would be no solution for the Roam. Not need to sell the IKEA’s.

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I think Sonos is an unreliable partner for customers. First they let the customer down with all the old S1 equipment. Now they have made an upgrade of the software with the cause that the Google Assistent no longer works. This means that my functionality is down to the Roam without microphone!  ( Can I get a cashback?)

I think Sonos wants to urge us to use the Sonos assistent (but will it ever be available in Dutch?)


Other possibility is that Google hates Sonos and wants only to support Google speakers, which is another reason for us all, to no longer buy Sonos speakers.


Please offer me a good price for 1 roam and 2 Ikea speakers!


Bonjour je pense que Google insistant c'est bientôt bien fini pour Sonos .




This has been going on for 3 days now.


Is anyone working on a fix for this?


This is really sad.

No, Sonos is not down. However, it appears that the server that Google has dedicated to the Google Voice Assistant process for Sonos is experiencing difficulties. 

Is Sonos Down?

 Day 3

Sonos status is a major outage

Google Voice Assistant - Playback Failure - Full playback..

Alexa works fine. Tried it this morning.

It's been a recurrent issue, as sometimes I need to ask twice before the music plays

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Could it be the problem described here?

Google Voice Assistant - Playback Failure - Full playback failure

Identified - We've identified a problem with Google Assistant, voice requests to control Sonos and play music will likely fail, please use the Sonos app. 
Apr 24, 2023 - 14:30 UTC”

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I have the same issue. Sonos own voice service works. Could not downgrade the Roam to older version then 15.3