Franceinfo is overwritten by Swindon 105.5

From 1 month ago, when i ask to my sonos (google assistant):

“Can you put the radio franceinfo” , it take the swindon 105.5 US radio on tunein, not the french national radio.

I have added france info to my favourites, but without succes.

Can you fix it pls ?



Best answer by Sotiris C. 22 June 2023, 11:56

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What did they say when you called Sonos Support directly to discuss it, since this is only a Sonos user community, and not where Sonos support lives?

Same problem Again and Again with no Answer from SONOS !!!!

Google assistant is not wirking with Sonos radio station !

No solution excepté using a TRUE compatible speaker wirking with Google and Tunein or smartphone or tablet.... 

I have the same problem with sonos and google assistant france info is translated in 105.5 Mhz which is the correct tuning band for france info , however your application does not  care about the country of the user installation.That seems to be the sonos tech problem .

I made some test with my tablet and an android phone with google assistant and directly tunein app.

The result is actually France info streaming and not swindon radio . Which meens that the oroblem us not google assistant nor tunein but SONOS PROBLEM. And it is your responsability to correct this big bug.

Thanks for the prompt correction 

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I do not think you can reach this conclusion from the fact Google does not confuse radio stations on non-Sonos devices. I remember reading on this forum Google uses different servers for Sonos and Sonos only relays the voice info to Google.

It s not Google because on Lenovo clock it still working !

Can you update your issue fixing ? @Sotiris C. 

I’ve just made a new post with a solution to this problem (in the Netherlands). Hope it works for you as well :)

My post

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Indo not understand your last remark. This seems to be about a Google/Sonos misunderstanding, which is being looked at. What’s old? 

Dear All,


I have the same issue with One (Gen 2) (cf PS).

I Say : OK Google, écoutez (listen in french) France Info

I got this radio (Swindon) that means nothing for French people (France Info is 24 millions audience per month).

Thanks for coping with this issue.

Regards, Frédéric BAUCHER.

PS : OK it’s old but I did buy a device that does not have expiration date and I do protect our planet by not buying devices that I already have !!!


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Hello @ynizon, welcome to Sonos Community!

We have identified an issue when requesting a radio station via Sonos Voice Control or Google Assistant, where customers are presented with the wrong radio stream.

We are investigating this issue, but unfortunately do not currently have an ETA for a resolution.

As a workaround, please manually search via the Sonos app for the desired Radio Station and initiate playback from there.

Thank you for taking time to write this thread and I’ll make sure to reply here with any updates.

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It looks like Google is getting sloppier handling requests done from Sonos speakers.