Error launching a station via Google Assistant on Sonos One

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Via the Sonos Controller, I am able to play stations on my Sonos One speaker, which is configured with Google Assistant Voice support. However, if I say "Hey Google, play 670 The Score on" it says, "Alright, playing WSCR on" followed by "Sorry, there was an error for the Kitchen." This has been happening since the implementation. If configured with Alexa instead, it works. This happens with every station that I've tested.

Best answer by Jean C. 13 February 2020, 18:52

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I just got a Sonos 1 and love it, but am having the same issue with did you ever get this to work.?

Exact same problem here with my Sonos 1. I was using Alexa on the Sonos 1 originally and it worked fine, but when I switched to Google Voice Assistant, I can no longer get it to plan stations on The music service is added to the Sonos APP on my phone and I can select a station from my phone and it will plan on the Sonos1, but the whole reason I got the Sonos 1 was for the voice control.

I have tried removing the SONOS App from my phone, app from my phone, reset the Sonos 1 back to factory settings and setup everything again from scratch, but still no luck. I remain mystified (and disappointed).

I have the exact same issue, also trying to listen to 670 the score through The command works perfectly on my Google Speaker but not with my Sonos One or Beam with Google Assistant setup.



Just checking in to see if anyone got stations to work with Google assistant? 

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Hi folks. I’d like to apologize for the delay in responding to you and your playback issue with and Google Assistant. 

Have any of you had luck resolving this or are you still having problems with this not working?

If anyone would like to submit a diagnostic report from their system I would be happy to look into this issue for you.

Please include the confirmation number(s) in your response.

I am having the same issue on my Sonos Move and have just submitted a diagnostic report.  I keep requesting my Sonos Move to play 92.3 The Fan using the Google Assistant setup and similar results as the ones mentioned above.  My confirmation number is 123405657.  Let me know if you need anything else.

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Hi @cswimbound2001 can you test triggering different stations and at least one other service through Google assistant to see if this failure is more widespread or limited to just this station?

Are you able to manually start playback on this station though the Sonos app? 

Please post back with some additional details so we can work on this.

@Jean C. - I tried triggering a couple different additional stations through Google Assistant.  One was on, the same service that 92.3 The Fan is located, and the other station was on TuneIn.  The TuneIn one worked but the station (Q104) failed to play.  The message that Google Assistant output was “Sorry, it looks like isn’t currently supported on the Move.”

However, when trying in the Sonos app, all of the stations play as expected, including both 92.3 The Fan and Q104 ( based stations).

Let me know if you need any additional details or want me to perform any other actions.

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Can you submit a follow up diagnostic report from those tests? 

Do you have other Google Home speakers that you can test the service playback on? 

Is the service account added to Sonos the same as what is added to 

@Jean C. - I just submitted a follow up diagnostic report from these tests.  The confirmation number is 172605142.  I verified that it works on my other google home mini device and plays the stations as expected.  I have also installed the service on the Sonos app that is the corresponds with the website.  Let me know the next steps.

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Hi there @cswimbound2001

I’ve done a lot of digging on my end and it doesn’t look like the voice command functionality from Google Assistant on Sonos supports the service as yet.

The cross-platform functionality between our hardware and the voice services that we work with are a partnership and a work in progress. 

I’ll be sure to pass your feedback along to our development team. Please keep an eye out on our announcements thread for expanding features and functionality.    


@Jean C. - So in other words, as of now, the only way to play stations on a Sonos speaker (Move in my case) is by playing them through the Sonos app?  Just making sure I understand correctly.

Do you know if there are plans for stations to be supported by playback via Google Assistant in the future?  Thanks again for your input and info on this topic.

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Hi @cswimbound2001 that is correct. 

Full support for all of our music services through voice control is our ultimate goal but I don’t have a time-frame for individual services. 

You certainly aren’t the only one asking for this feature but I can’t say when we will have this working. 

Soon, I hope.

@Jean C. - That makes sense. Looking forward to having this feature fully supported and I'll keep checking the announcements thread for updates.  Thanks again for your time looking into this.

Any updates?