adding sonos to google home not working

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I try to add sonos to my google home control. I log on correctly to my sonos account and it completes the process. But at the end, the home control does not get added. I check that everything that the system is updated and all my phones are updated as well.

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Try the tips in this thread:
I, too, am having trouble adding the google Assistant. I get caught in an endless loop form the Sonos app to - sign in - register speakers - back to app -- then operation failed.I do not have a Sonos with built-in voice assistance but have a google mini.
Sent diagnostics #1156286949.

Google Assistant unable to find devices. Rebooted phone, Sonos One. Read the tips. Still nothing.

I have three other devices using Alexa. I removed Alexa from one of my Sonos One's to try to get this working. Prefer Assistant.
I did get this working soon after my post. Think I had to remove the device from Sonos and SmartThings (I'm a smartthings user) first and restart the speaker.
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Thanks for coming back and sharing @Lucente. Sorry we didn't have a chance to reply to that first post of yours. You shouldn't have to take those extra steps, just going through the app to remove Alexa to add the Google Assistant. If you have any further trouble, please let us know.
Agreed. Not sure why my case was unique. Perhaps the diagnostics will help. Thx.
All you have to do is unlink all music services from Sonos app for this to work.
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Try adding sonos in google home app, + , then other devices, scroll down to sonos.
I have a similar problem. I’m unable to complete linking.

From the the Sonos app, I click connect to google. It goes to the iOS App Store and I open the Google Assistant app from there. But then when I go back to Sonos the wheel is still spinning.

Move tried to connect from google home via add devices, Sonos. After logging in to Sonos, I get the error screen attached.