Why is the YouTube Music connection within the Sonos app so broken?

  • 9 March 2021
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Why are there so many things that don’t work when using the YouTube Music connection within the Sonos app that work fine in the YouTube Music app itself? Every time I ask Sonos they say, “Google hasn’t provided the tools for us to implement that yet” and every time I ask Google they say, “You’ll need to ask Sonos about that”. 


Even stuff that appears to work on the surface doesn’t work right. I’ve been noticing that when I go to “My Supermix” on YTM within the Sonos app that it keeps playing a lot of the same songs and the songs it does play are mostly from the same genre (jazz, country, rock, etc….depending on what I last listened to). I just figured this was YTM’s crappy algorithm but then I started listening to that same “My Supermix” directly from the YTM app and low and actual had a decent mix of genre’s and songs that I’ve liked mixed with new songs.


What is going on Sonos????


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2 replies

Sonos points their controller to the server provided by YouTube/Google, and don’t touch or modify the data stream they receive in any way, so what you may be seeing in Sonos is a reflection of YouTube Music’s implementation on their server. You may get a better answer to your question if you contact YouTube Music. 

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The YTM integration with Sonos is pretty terrible, and it is 100% Google’s fault. They don’t seem to care - since it released they have made exactly one fix: to increase the max size of a playlist from 99 to 999 items. Big deal. Unhappy YTM users seem generally happier after switching to iBroadcast.