What Nas drive will continue to support S1? (after WD has withdrawn support)

WD’s My Cloud Home has just announced it will no longer support Sonos S1.

I’m furious as mine was suggested by a telephone sales person.  It’s over two years old, so presumably out of warranty.

I want to keep using my old Play 5’s. 

I just use the nas to play mucic from my library of 250 K songs 

It’d be much cheaper to buy say the Seagate 4TB Nas at £84 than pay £700 plus to upgrade my two Play 5’s.  

But is it reliable? And are Seagate also likely to dump support for S1?

Or are all companies that make nas likely to go that WD route?  And should I just acceot by Play 5’s are obselete?

Many thanks


PS Other Nas often used by Sonos users are Buffalo Link Station, Fritz! Qnap and Synology.  Any thoughts on those?

PPS I do use S2 for my two Roam speaker. But they of course dont link to S1.

And do I understand that gen 1 SL’s wont connect to S2? 



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Me again, Or woukd the Synology Diskstation DS120j Ethernet LAN Tower Grey NAS be an option ((()

I use a S1 system and 5 plus year old WD My Cloud for a NAS, though that is not used as often these days because I stream my music from the net.

I would wait to make sure that the music from the WD actually stops playing before rushing to make any changes!

There may be a MyCloud option to suppress future updates.

I use Synology and, at least for now, there is an SMBV1 option that can be selected.

Many thanks Buzz!


Ill check out Synololgy  What nas do you have?  Will it support 250 music tracks?


My worry is that enquiring from them whether they’re continuing to support S1 might contribute to their realisation that they should let it go!


But again thanks



A Diskstation DS120j will have plenty of capacity for your music. Usually they are sold without a drive installed. Drives are inexpensive these days. It’s hard to find a current drive smaller than 2TB. A 4TB drive is very practical and less than $100. If you are a performance freak go for a 7200RPM drive, but SONOS music play will be fine with a 5400RPM drive.

The track limit is a SONOS limit at 65,000. SONOS does not care about track size only the track count. A typical FLAC encoded album could require 300-400MB, but this varies wildly. Older pop LPs might require only 45min on a CD, while a classical CD could be close to 80min.


Thaks for the reply Kumar.

I stopped using my old My Cloud after they warned that it could just crash and I’d lose my material.

I’m tempted to revive it and use it instead of my My Cloud Home, until it does die!

Does that sound sensible?  The problem is where to keep the keep any new tracks which I’ll need to add to the new machine.

Maybe simpler to just buy one of the systens suggested: Buzz’s Dickstation DS12j (though it doesnt have a hard drive)?

Thanks again,





Buzz recommended 7200 RPM, which this Seagate has.

Someone at Sonos told me that Seagate are popular with Sonos users.  Anyone recommend this for my many music tracks, to work with Sonos S1? 



Seagate IronWolf 8 TB NAS Internal Hard Drive HDD – 3.5 Inch SATA 6 GB/s 7200 RPM 256 MB Cache for RAID Network Attached Storage, 3 Years Data Recovery – Frustration Free Packaging (ST8000VNZ04)

4.6 out of 5 stars 2,866

£178.99£ was £224.90


In my experience the IronWolf is fine. If you will be using this drive for system backup, consider a two bay shell. You can configure the shell to duplicate the files on both drives and thus survive a single drive failure. (Think of a hard drive as an already cracked egg -- eventually it will fail)

Thaks for the reply Kumar.

I stopped using my old My Cloud after they warned that it could just crash and I’d lose my material.   


From day one, I have kept my 15000 or so songs on a standard hard disc drive - two of them actually for triple redundancy, but have never needed that; the old My Cloud still works just fine.

Also, I don’t understand what S1 and S2 has to do with all this!

Also, I don’t understand what S1 and S2 has to do with all this!

There is a protocol that must be used when communicating with an NAS drive over the network. The original SMBv1 protocol has some serious security issues. The newer SMBv2 and SMBv3 protocols fix this. Unfortunately, older S1 only SONOS units don’t have enough RAM to upgrade to SMBv2 or SMBv3. Drive manufacturers are either attempting to demonstrate “responsibility” or minimize support costs by dropping SMBv1 support. Operating systems are also making things difficult for SMBv1 users.


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You state “WD’s My Cloud Home has just announced it will no longer support Sonos S1.” I could not find a reference to this online. Could you post a link to this announcement? Maybe this will shed some light on what you need to do.

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I think this is what he's referring to.

Also, I don’t understand what S1 and S2 has to do with all this!

 The original SMBv1 protocol has some serious security issues. 


Understood. But a follow up: let us say I have a NAS drive that uses this protocol and the drive is used only for hosting music files and local streaming to Sonos. Nothing else. 

What I am potentially exposed to in such a case for non Sonos things? The drive is on an Apple Time Machine hosted home WiFi network.

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If I read this well it means WD Live will not support any external eccess anymore, be it froim Sonos S1, S2 or other? One of the statements could however mean hope:

  1. How can I access my content in My Cloud Home from my computer without WD Discovery?

    Users can still access their content remotely using My Cloud Home Web App or the My Cloud mobile app. We have also added SMB local network access since the 8.12 firmware. For more information, please refer to Answer ID 34991: How to Enable Local Network Access to Data on My Cloud Home and ibi Using the Dashboard.

Then only SMBv1 could be a problem.

Due to their complete network shutdown which is now over a week old, WD MyCloud posted instructions on how to access files using the local access route.  That accomplished, I would like to ask how to connect my SONOS system to the locally accessed library.  Any help would be much appreciated.

This is what worked for my WD:


worked originally on S1, still works on S2, although I’ve adjusted SMB levels for S2.