update 15.6 no volume control

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Updated my app/system to 16.5 now I can’t control the volume on my iPhone. Infuriating 

any help would be appreciated 


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What a terrible decision to remove this functionality. Makes it convoluted to turn the volume up or down. 

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Ridiculous tbh. Can I roll back my software?

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I really, really liked this feature. It always worked on my devices. Please, Sonos try to find an alternate way to architect the feature according to Apple’s desires and bring back the functionality.

And, for the record, I’m going to miss this feature too, I used it all the time. 

Ridiculous tbh. Can I roll back my software?

Even if we could rollback a firmware update, this would likely only be a temporary fix. Apple has a habit of making under the hood changes, or even removing feature support. Third parties must somehow respond to these changes. Some changes are mandatory or the App will be dropped from the App Store.

If you could rollback SONOS, you’d also need to stop updating your Apple devices. Unfortunately, the lack of updates might impact other Apps installed on your Apple device.

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I agree it is a totally bonehead decision to remove iphone volume button functionality from the Sonos app.  It was  way easier to change volume that way rather than having to use app slider buttons. So much for “improvements” with the latest app version!  Bring the app volume option back!

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  • We’ve removed the ability to control the Sonos app for iOS using lock screen controls and device hardware buttons. The way these features were architected do not meet Apple’s experience guidelines for developers and no longer offer a reliable control experience.
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This is Apple’s scummy strategy of exclusively offering the very best functionality and connectivity for their own products. Apple doesn’t want you to use Sonos, they want you to use their product (HomePod). It’s the same with AirPods, Apple Watch etc. This might finally push me over to Android.

Disappointing. Missing the simplicity of hardware control since the update.
The onscreen volume is nowhere near precise enough to be a substitute. 

Simply pointing at Apple does not solve the problem Sonos. It needs an intuitive solution.

Improve the in-App Volume control to allow higher fidelity interaction and subtle volume modulation. 

Then make it a better user interface.  Larger size, maybe arrow up/down on the app. I’m already annoyed with the lack of functionality of this app. It’s the only app I have connected to external hardware that loses its connection where I have restart the router.  Ring hardware, never had this, Wyler plugins, never.  Spend some money and invest in quality product design and testing. 

Complain to Apple, they’re the ones who forced Sonos to remove this.

I bet no one else has the feature, either. 

Ridiculous 😡

Very disappointing development...

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Then make it a better user interface.  Larger size, maybe arrow up/down on the app. I’m already annoyed with the lack of functionality of this app. It’s the only app I have connected to external hardware that loses its connection where I have restart the router.  Ring hardware, never had this, Wyler plugins, never.  Spend some money and invest in quality product design and testing. 

I agree! If we can’t have our easy-to-use volume buttons, then please Improve the dang functionality of the S2 app. It could use a top to bottom reorganization and optimization of its interface. I can adjust the comfort settings of our HVAC system more efficiently than I can control my music. Yes, you bet I’m embarrassed to be kvetching about this while there are so many monumental issues that our world needs to address, but please, at least we can cobble together a fix for this little fiasco. 

As implied in the update notes, something forced by Apple. Not sure how to complain about it to them, though, Apple doesn’t  provide feedback boards with easy access like Sonos does, to my knowledge. 

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It looks like Lock Screen controls have gone along with this too. 

They only worked sporadically for me, but looked great when they worked. It’s a real shame.


It’s a pet hate of mine when an update removes functionality, Sonos seems to be a frequent offender!

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Just a thought, possibly future iOS devices wont have ‘hard’ volume buttons, just a virtual slider, future planning by Apple to ensure Apps are ready for the new devices?

Why Spotify and fit radio still allow iOS hardware controls then?

As explained earlier in the thread, it’s because applications, like Spotify, are actual music players, whereas the Sonos App is merely a ‘remote’ control and so when using the Sonos App, the music streams from the audio source (Spotify servers, for example) direct to the Sonos player without even going through the iDevice - if you use Airplay, or Bluetooth connections to Sonos however, then that does pass through the iDevice and so in that case the volume can be controlled.


Hi there,

I thought it was a bug, but now I see (thanks to this post) it's been removed on purpose.

It’s really a bad customers experiences now especially as I find the application outdated and not up to 2023 standards.
It should be good to have the volume control and the other in notification center and when the screen is lock.

so glad to hear it's not a bug...

I think that the original unfortunate decision by SONOS was to develop the Lock Screen Volume hack. It seemed like a great idea at the time and has been very popular with users. Unfortunately, Apple has decided that the hack creates a security risk and must be discontinued.

Work arounds have been suggested. Migration to AirPlay 2 is probably the most straight forward for most users.

Personally, I had no use for the Lock Screen Volume controls. I don’t want my phone/pad/computer playing music, that’s why I have SONOS. In the few cases where I tried the Lock Screen controls I found their utility to be low. I move around and there are other users. If I or another user adjusts the wrong room someone will be annoyed.

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First it got removed with Android, now with iOS.

Sonos, what’s the problem? All I hear is that you blame Google or Apple.

You'd better read the thread, before responding.

What a joke. I’ve not read the IOS developer rules, is there a way that Sonos can implement a way to toggle on or off volume control via the phone hardware? I did find on google that ‘app settings’ had this as an option on a previous version (maybe 15.5🤣) like ‘when sonos is in use, phone hardware controls Sonos’ same for Lock Screen? It’s almost like.. functional design


I’m guessing if you’ve a HomePod you can control that from the side buttons of your handset and the Lock Screen still?


Dear Sonos, I’d like an official ‘basic remote control’ if poss please 🎁 




As mentioned earlier if you play audio to a Sonos speaker in the same way you play music to a HomePod (ie using Airplay and any iOS music player), then you can control the volume/play/pause etc; from the Lock Screen and the mobile volume buttons. The reason the Sonos App no longer has this option is it is not a ‘player’ the App is a ‘remote’ control only and everything (including playback) happens direct on the Sonos speaker(s), so the phone can no longer control that from the Lock Screen. You can use the controls in the Sonos App or a 3rd-Party ‘widget’ instead (see attached) when playback is started via the Sonos App remote.

How come it does work when I play it from directly from the Spotify app and select my Sonos equipment as resource? Does Apple accept the feauture being used from other apps? I think this is strange. 

Because Spotify is actually a mobile device ‘audio player’, whereas the Sonos App doesn’t play anything, it’s merely a remote (control) for their speakers, which play direct from the source… so if using a player / airplay on your mobile and playing through the mobile you can use the lock-screen controls. Otherwise it’s probably best to use a Home Screen ‘widget’ as mentioned earlier, which does not need the iOS mobile to be unlocked.

I’m sure Sonos is just as unhappy about this as we are. I cant imagine anyone there is excited about losing access to features people use. But it does seem fairly clear from the way the release notes were written that this is being forced on them. 

They spent millions and millions fighting google on an idea they didn’t even come up with.

Instead of just focusing on having a great product/app.


It can not take that many engineers to let us change volume from our phones. Come on!!!!


Read the thread.  Apple has strict rules against controlling 3rd party hardware using the lockscreen or hard button controls.  Sonos found a way to hack around those rules, but Apple closed that hack.  So go blame Apple.