Unable to use older sonos system

  • 30 October 2023
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Years ago, I purchased a sonos setup that included a playbar, 2 Play:3 speakers, and a Sub. I believe the purchase was made around 2014/15. I know I have outdated speakers, but they still sound fantastic, and they work great. Until today.


I can no longer get any audio out of the of the speaks. The S1 app says all 4 components need an update, and takes me to the new sonos app to do so. When I download the new sonos app, it says my speakers are not compatable and cannot be updated in the new app. I’m now stuck with speakers that don’t work, needing an update with no way to update them.


Anyone know how to resolve this? Is there a way to resolve this?

Any help would be appreciated. I have zero desire spending thousands of dollars upgrading to a new sonos system just so it can talk to a the new app. 


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9 replies

You are best to contact Sonos Support Staff - see this link:

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Can you bypass the update offer on your S1 app and get to the speakers?

Unfortunately no. This is what it looks like. When tapping on the TV room it forces me to download the new sonos app


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Same if you hit the X on the terms box first?

Any other tabs working, the settings one in particular as you can reach the System Update option from there.

If not then Support.

I can move freely throughout the app. Tapping on TV room brings me to the new sonos app install, and when I go to settings to install, it brings me to the new app install link as well.


Looks like I’ll have a conversation with support tomorrow.  

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Since all your speakers are S2 capable you should be able to upgrade to S2. Is it possible you are using a Sonos Bridge, that is not capable of being used in an S2 set up and could stop the upgrade? If so you could take the Bridge out of the equation and try switch over to wifi first - if the system lets you. See

I wasn’t aware they were S2 capable. I removed my bridge from the setup a few years ago since I noticed it worked fine without it. When using the S2 app, it says my speakers aren’t compatible. So they are infact compatible with the S2 app and this is a bug?

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They are, see

Since your system has multiple problems I would urge you to call Sonos and let them help you.

I will do that soon. Thank you to everyone for your helpful feedback.