Unable to play spotify

Only yesterday I’ve had issues with playing music using the spotify app and now the sonos app.

The songs keep cutting out in spotify and when using the sonos app I select a song to play, it tells me it can’t play that as it hasn’t been encoded correctly and then plays it for 5 seconds. Then jumps to another song on it’s own.


I’ve ran a diagnostics and here’s my number: 2145252438.

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Try unplugging your speakers from power for about a minute and rebooting your phone and router. You can also try removing Spotify from your music services in the Sonos app and re-adding it.

What router are you using?

Hi I'm having the same issue. Ran diagnostics on 1317917089


Sonos arc can't play any spotify and will automatically give error. Works with YT music, pandora, etc.


Sonos amp works fine and is able to play and connect to spotify. Then I can manually add in - arc which means arc is not able to be the source of music from spotify. Likely a bug in the recent height audio update.


Please help. 

Hi and thanks for the response.

The router / access points I have is the Ubiquiti Dream Machine and it’s currently connected to one of my UAP-AC-LR access points. I changed this to connect to the dream machine, but the same issue.

After rebooting the router / access points and powering down the sonos one and sonos sl (as I have them paired) I’m still getting the same issue, when playing through spotify and selecting the device to listen from. 

Plays 5 seconds, pauses for 2, plays a second and then pauses for 5 and so on.

Remove spotify from the sonos app has also made no change in the playback.

I don’t have any issues with any other devices, such as Google home or my Alexa’s, so at the moment the Sonos’s are just an expensive paper weight, which is very frustrating to say the least.

I’m hoping someone can check out the diagnostic report and give me a fix. Otherwise I’ll be selling my sonos products.

Forgot to mention the same thing also happens when playing through the sonos app. 

I'm experiencing the same issue bit with Amazon music and only when I'm playing playlist songs. Coincidentally, I also upgraded to Amazon HD music yesterday. No issues playing any other streaming services. 

Please help! 

Diagnostics submitted: 2108077815


Thank you.

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Hi @nwtal, thanks for raising this with the Sonos Community!

From the diagnostics you submitted previously, there are some reports of playback stopping due to there not being enough bandwidth available on the local network - as a test would it be possible to connect the Arc, or either of the stereo-paired speakers to the network via Ethernet cable? Do you continue to have trouble playing from Spotify in this setup?

@Rgorajia, looks like you’re using an Eero mesh is that correct? Is the main Eero connected to another router, possibly provided by an ISP? If so, you may want to look in to setting the Eero to “bridge mode" - if you currently have the Eero connected to another router, then you’re likely suffering from Double NAT, which can sometimes lead to difficulty in creating or maintaining a connection between devices on your local network, and services via the internet, such as Spotify.


@MoosicLover, I’d recommend creating a new thread for your issue, as it relates to Amazon Music rather than Spotify :)

Already on it 🙂

Thanks for the response Xander P.

I am surprised to read that you mentioned bandwidth, given you only need around 96Kbps to 320Kbps for spotify. 

The devices in question are the One and One SL. The access point they connect is only showing 20% interference and when my phone is connected to the same AP / network I don’t have an issue playing songs through spotify via the phone and I get a download speed of 101Mbps and a 11Mbps upload.

The same thing now happens to the Arc (but not as bad), which is in my lounge. This is sat about 1m away from the the dream machine (router), so I certainly can’t see that having a bandwidth issue. I only checked this since you mentioned it in your response. 

Whilst playing, well trying to play songs from spotify and connecting to the “living kitchen”, the bandwidth usage report for the One + SL shows 4.3MB (u) and 10.5MB (d) over a 4hr period, with the Arc being slightly less over a 3hr period.

I’d understand the One / SL have a b/width issue, but not the Arc and the Move as well. Everything was perfect before Sunday, so this is truly a strange issue if you are pointing the finger at my wifi / bandwidth availability. Even more so when I don’t have any issues with laptops, streaming devices, such as tablets, TVs and Alexa’s. These devices are all on the same wifi network and Netflix doesn’t have an issue playing 4k. 

However I’ll give your suggestion a try, along with moving the devices round the house and remove them from the specific wifi network I created and go back to the default setup which was around 8months ago.

I figured it out. The new update created new id's for Sonos arc and Sonos sls. I did a hard reset on the arc and reboot my router.


FYI the arc is hardwired vis ethernet. 

Hi, this is still a big issue for me and bandwidth certainly isn’t the problem.

To test this, I removed my 2 current wifi networks from the router and created a new network to test the sonos playback. The only devices connected to this network at the time was my phone the Sonos One and SL in stereo pair and tried playing music and this failed as I previously described. 

I then tested to see if I could play music from my phone on the same network - this worked perfectly. I then added other devices to this wifi network, which played music from spotify without any issues. These are different laptops, alexa and google home device, so the issue only relates to the Sonos products I have.

So I have a question regarding the diagnostic report I can generate.

Is that per device or does it cover them all?

I’ve not generated one, since I didn’t know what this covered, so if you can let me know, I’ll setup the wifi again, only have my sonos products connected to this, along with my phone and test again and submit the necessary report.

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Hi @nwtal, understood, thanks for trying that.

The diagnostic covers the whole system, so we’ll be able to see information from each of your speakers - we have recently been seeing an increase in issues with Spotify across all Sonos systems however, which we are currently looking in to - the symptoms you’re describing don't match exactly, however I’d be keen to see if the same errors are reported in the diagnostic :)

Thanks for the response @Xander P . I’ll hopefully get round to this at the weekend as a little thing called work is getting in the way :)

So I finally trashed the wifi networks again and done a little more testing and everything still points to the sonos products.

  • Added the sonos devices and my phone only. Playback on the all sonos devices experienced pauses as discussed previously
  • Added the alexa and google home products I have to the same wifi network and performed the same playback tests had no pauses and played flawlessly
  • I’ve doubled check all my wifi devices and none of them are hogging the bandwidth, looking at the reporting available to me and periodic speed tests I’ve done when connected to the different access points I have. For example, the Sonos One  + SL (paired) are connected to the “Living” AP and when I tested the spotify playback, as soon as it paused and struggled to play. I then did a speed test on my phone leave the phone in a similar position to the sonos one and I get around 75MB download. During this time it still tried to play the music and kept pausing.

Diag report submitted: 12208046.

Please tell me the spotify issues you mentioned in a previous comment are some what related to my issues. I really can’t see my wifi bandwidth being the issue here, going off the tests I’ve done and the fact it suddenly stopped working on the 16th May.


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Hi @nwtal, thanks for sending those diagnostics over!

A few things I noticed - the Arc currently has the WiFi disabled, despite having surrounds bonded to it, which will likely cause issues. I’d recommend re-enabling the WiFi on the Arc first of all (Settings > System > Den > Arc > Enable WiFi).

I’m also only seeing a single One, not paired with an SL, while there’s an offline SL listed on your account - looks like this may have dropped off the network, and it may be worth checking that it’s powered on and not too close to any sources of interference.

I am, however, seeing the messages we would expect for the recent Spotify issues, so it does look like you’re being affected by this wider issue - no news to share on a fix right now, however our engineers are continuing to investigate :)

@Xander P , my new best friend. I setup the arc as wired, due to your previous comments and left that as it was and tested the one and sl + the move for playback. I’ll make the amendments to my products and wait for the fix for the spotify playback. Thanks again for looking into this.

I too have this issue, using a UDM (but no extra APs). I experienced this issue almost daily (and was rebooting my UDM daily to resolve) until I decided to connect everything via ethernet, which at least allows me to use the Sonos app to stream music to them. However, the devices do not show up in Spotify even after disabling Wi-Fi.

Definitely an annoying issue.