Tips for Connecting MAC to Synology NAS

  • 22 June 2022
  • 8 replies

I appreciate all the tips others have posted for connecting Sonos to Synology NAS on a Mac. I went through the dreaded screens in Synology File Services to add SMB1 and NTMLv1, and then restarted my NAS. But that still did not let me add a music library. On my 3rd call to Sonos Support, the Agent had me go into Mac System preferences, Security and Privacy, and then add Sonos to Full Disk Access and to Accessibility. That did the trick.

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8 replies

Would be helpful to know which version of the Sonos controller, and frankly speakers, that you’re using, as well as your network topology and routers.

For instance, for people finding this thread,  if you’re not using Sonos version S1, there’s no reason to add SMB1 and NTML v1, as S2 can access up to SMB 3….


Yes there is no reason to add SMB1 and NTMLv1 for S2. I am using S1 and those were my first roadblocks. My Sonos “hub” is my Play 3 speakers. I have a four other Sonos products in my system of earlier vintage. No one at Sonos or Synology support had any interest at all in my routers or network typology.

It’s unfortunate the CS rep you spoke with didn’t understand the issue. It’s hard to expect network experts at minimum wage type of jobs, but between the scripts they should have, and the training I’d hope they get, you certainly should have gotten better assistance. 

Sonos, when accessing library information, uses the application running on the computers that power the Sonos devices, and not the remote control app that runs on your Mac. Since they run their own  Linux, and are accessing the data from outside of the operating system that the Mac runs on, it does require additional access settings on the NAS, so that the Sonos system can see the files. These settings were, last time I looked, part of the FAQ. 

I, too, have several PLAY:3s, but mine are running S2, along with the rest of my speakers. 

Hi Airgetlam,

I have explored all of the FAQs (I think) - still to no avail and considerable long-term frustration (Sonos S2, Synology NAS and Play:5).  Could you please point me to the specific FAQ of the many to which you are referring above?  My training is medical not IT/computer science but I have a modest lay understanding and I can follow instructions so any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!




(p.s. it may or may not be relevant that the systems works fine accessing my music library on my computer but not on the NAS - the NAS seems to be well for other functions such as streaming video, backups etc, and I can get the Sonos to use Plex to access the NAS but it is highly unreliable, works sometimes but usually disconnects after a song or two. This is not the case using a computer-based Sonos music library on the same network.  I guess all of which points to your comment above that it’s the NAS:network interaction that needs the focus….)

Sorry, I may not have been as clear as possible in that post. 

The general ‘set up your NAS library’ is here

The extra settings I was mentioning are in this FAQ, which is linked at the bottom of the previous FAQ, but I wasn’t trying to say they were settings in the NAS itself, but instead the Mac OS, which tells the NAS it’s OK to accept outside (the Sonos) access. 

All of that being said, I am *not* a Plex user at all, and would not try to suggest any settings in that ‘system’. 

Thank you very much Bruce.  I will work through it and report back on success or otherwise.  I would prefer not to use the Plex interface but I cannot get the Sonos app to link directly to music library on the NAS, despite the fact I can get it to link to the library present on the computer (iMac) on the same home wireless network.  Fingers crossed!






I’m about to switch from a WD MyCloud device to a Synology soon, so would be interested in how it goes. 

Just to remind you, the computers trying to access the music files are the Sonos speakers, and not your Mac. Which is why all of the Mac’s ability to “see” the files isn’t as important. Or at least not as much in this particular case. 

And one more tip. My Mac Time Machine app stopped being able to find the folder on the NAS in which there was a backup, even though I could see it just fine in Finder. I tried all the tips from Apple, What worked was to right click on the sparsebundle file in the folder on the NAS, and select Open With and then Other. I then selected Enable All Applications and then selected Time Machine. Suddenly, everything worked, and after a few minutes an incremental backup began.