Sonos Connect Amp (SW current)

  • 1 November 2023
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When I kill the Sonos App, the AMP will not stop playing music. I DO NOT HAVE THE QUEUE ON. I literally have to kill power to it as it is now my whole home audio source (line out, don’t judge… this is how it has evolved). 


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2 replies

The app is just a remote control, it plays no music. The app tells the Sonos system running on your Amp to do. If you want to stop the music, you use the controller to do so, but not by killing the app…that would be, as you’ve discovered, just like removing the batteries from your TV remote, the TV just continues to work. 

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The controller is just a controller. Turning it off or leaving home for work will not disrupt what is playing unless it is being streamed directly from your controller’s device.

In my case if I am playing Amazon music or my Music Library (on a NAS) they will continue to play no matter what I do to the controller. The only ways to stop the music are to use the Stop button in the Controller or the Stop button on the player.