Sonos and Homekit

  • 21 January 2021
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Having more trouble here with a newly bought Sonos One and my projector.


  1. Setting my Apple TV to the main speaker (Sonos) has been difficult. It takes several tries to get the sound to work and then sometimes it’s out of sync with my projector. I have to force quit the app I’m using and then try again. Bluetooth doesn’t have these issues so maybe the Airplay 2 isn’t good on Sonos? It also doesn’t do the navigation sounds that I get on Bluetooth. Honestly I bought Sonos because I need a speaker for my projector but the difficulty every time I use the projector and needing five minutes to set the sound to the Sonos is annoying.
  2. i can’t get HomeKit to add the speaker. I’ve followed the directions on the Sonos site but it doesn’t work. When I try to add the accessory and direct HomeKit that I don’t have a QR code or a bar code HomeKit still can’t find it. I’ve rebooted the Sonos and tried adding the speaker on two different devices.

I’m starting to think maybe I should’ve gotten a Bluetooth device but I like the Sonos sound so I hope I can fix these issues and it isn’t an inherent part of Sonos and Apple. 


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2 replies

Having the same type of trouble. HomeKit will not find my Sonos speakers anymore. Not sure how to approach this. 

If you have any suggestions I’m open. 

Same here HomeKit doesn’t find my sonos one speakers