Sirius XM not showing artist and song title

  • 10 February 2024
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When browsing the Sirius XM -  All Live Channels within the Sonos App, it’s not showing the song title and artist.  It has been a feature within the app for years, and now it’s gone.  Is there a fix?


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25 replies

I’m having the same issue. This is an important feature that I use regularly—I hope it can be fixed!

Since SiriusXM is responsible for the data that shows up in your Sonos controller, you may want to contact them. 

I’m not sure it’s true that this is an issue from SiriusXM. The Sonos app has changed how it displays the channels when you first select SiriusXM, so there was a change on the Sonos side.

To my knowledge, Sonos has made no changes to the API that all streamers use to communicate to the Sonos controller. If they had, we would be seeing this same issue across many, many streaming companies, not just SiriusXM. The only thing that Sonos does here is display the information sent by the stream. If this information is missing, it can’t be displayed. 

When browsing the Sirius XM -  All Live Channels within the Sonos App, it’s not showing the song title and artist.  It has been a feature within the app for years, and now it’s gone.  Is there a fix?

I too would like to know the answer to this. Been using XMAS on Sonos for a very long time and it’s never been a issue.

What did SiriusXM say, when you contacted them?

Same Issue, really annoying - this all happened after a Sonos mandated update. As far as whose fault it is, if you open the SiriusXM mobile app - it still displays all current song titles and artists. So considered the Sonos update broke the user experience on the Sonos side - and SiriusXM still displays I’d say it’s pretty obvious. What sucks is I have an ipad setup to control music across the is my big yearly Super Bowl party and last week the app updated. Basically my setup is a waste, you can’t pick fav songs or artists now. You have to click on each to hear what’s happening. Same experience as FM radio dialing in a channel. 

This seems to be an issue across streaming apps with Sonos. Spotify is not the same experience either, although after digging you can usually find what you are looking for.

To Sonos: if you are saying that you can use any streaming app - then let us use it the way we are used to using it within each apps native versions - not your version.  

To SiriusXM Company: If you are reading these threads...please note -  I won’t be using your app until this is fixed within Sonos. 

Not to lessen your post, but to my knowledge, SiriusXM maintains zero presence in these forums, which is why I recommend contacting them directly. 

This absolutely a Sonos problem. Every other interface to Sirius XM is fine - the mobile app, the website, and Apple Carplay all show the song/album info, as always. 

I’m delighted you’re so confident. Did you provide Sonos a diagnostic, and call them to provide evidence of your issue? That would be the best way to get them to fix an issue on their side. 

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I just went online with Sonos Chat Support. They say they are working on a SiriusXM playback issue that includes this issue

If you report it to support, they say they'll update you when they have a fix. Sand if not people report it, then it might be fixed more quickly.

Same issue on laptop, still get titles (briefly!) opening on iPhone. Thx for the updates.  


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Same problem, reported it via chat, it was if they’ve never heard of it. They requested a screen shot, then a phone call but after 35m I had to move on. Hopefully they fix it.

When I start SiriusXM on my controller, the Artist and Song information is displayed for a couple of seconds. It disappears after that.

This was never a problem until I applied the last update to my system.

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It looks like the issue has been resolved.  I just noticed song information displaying on both my Android and Windows apps.  😀

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When I start SiriusXM on my controller, the Artist and Song information is displayed for a couple of seconds. It disappears after that. This problem has not been resolved.  

When I log into the SiriusXM app all the artist and song information is there.  This problem has be happening for at least a week or more.

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Just to add a note:  I have been using both Sonos and SiriusXM for years and I expect that from time to time there will be some issues.  Please, let’s not to point fingers at each other (Sonos & XM) but work together to resolve the issue (and there is clearly an issue).  I believe that’s all the community wants especially since we are spending tons of money for the service and the hardware.  Is that too much to ask??

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FWIW, I am using the old Sonos app, not the Sonos 2 app.

What did Sonos Support say, when you contacted them with your diagnostic?

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Ok...disregard my previous message indicating the problem has been resolved because I am now back to having the same problem.  I swear it worked when I posted that message, but I’m not sure I believe it myself...😕



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What did Sonos Support say, when you contacted them with your diagnostic?

[skip to the bottom if you just want the solution]

They did a remote session on my phone.
I demonstrated the problem and they asked me to remove SiriusXM and then add it back to my Sonos.

I then played Deep Tracks and the song/artist info was there!

We switched channels to and the info was missing. 😓

But then, I switched back to Deep Tracks and it was still missing.

And then I noticed something…

In my Recently Played list, I had TWO DIFFERENT DEEP TRACKS STATIONS.  One had a blue background and the other had a white background. 

  • The one with the white background said “27 - Deep Tracks and SiriusXM Station” underneath it.
  • The one with the blue background said “Deep Tracks and All Channels” underneath it.

The music is the same regardless of which station I played, but the song/artist information appears only when I play the station with the blue background.


  1. Try playing the SiriusXM station by going to Browse → SiriusXM → All Channels and finding the channel that way.  I believe this will work.
  2. Once you do that, remove the channel from your My Sonos.  My guess is this channel will show up with a white background
  3. Go back to the channel using step 1 and then add it back to My Sonos if you want to.
  4. When playing from the Recently Played list, avoid using the channels with the white background.  Eventually they should drop off the list.

See if that works...✌


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Using JackinBrooklyn’s solution worked (steps 1,2, and 3).  Now that I’ve added those stations back to My Sonos (the newly added back) stations are now showing artist and song information.

My problems is how to remove the “non working” old stations from My Sonos. I am using the Sonos 1 app and when you click the three dots next to the old station there is no option to remove them.  Only options are “Play in another room” and “Play now”. It appears you can only remove the station that are working (uggh).  Please help. I do not want stations in My Sonos that are not  working or playing correctly.  Thanks.

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Just an additional note:  I am getting the artist, song, and album information however now I do not get the cover art.  Not sure if anyone else is having that issue.  

Unfortunately, I’m having multiple issues with SiriusXM for the past week or so that cross too many topics posted in this category. 

  1. I am receiving Artist and Song title “IF” I select a station. Previously, I could see Artist and Song when I browsed the Live Channels list for all SiriusXM stations.
  2. No Album Art, which previously a feature once you selected a channel.
  3. It seems the sort by Category is missing or not appearing in the menu, as before.
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So I guess the “new” look for SiriusXM users is “No AlbumArt” since it’s been weeks and no response.

It would be appreciated if there was some kind of communication with the users when there will be changes and what they are prior to any updates. I know the album art is kind of a nit but it is part of the user experience and I personally miss it.