Just signed up the group.

i have been trying for weeks to resolve a connection issue with my sonos S1 app.

i have turned off my BT hub etc etc with no joy.

the app won’t work on my mac or my iphone.

the error message is :

  • cannot connect to // name - imac /itunes because the server cannot be found.


any help welcome.


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Describe your network for us. What is wired? wireless? Models? Are you using any network switches? Mesh wireless?

Which SONOS players are you using? What is the source of your music? Disk files? NAS drive?

By the way the SONOS controller App connects to and sends commands to the SONOS players. The players might attempt to connect to your computer if you want to play files stored on your computer. Unless you are playing music actually stored on or playing through through the SONOS controller’s device (Airplay 2, for example), you can shut down the controller once the music starts playing.

Hi buzz

thanks for reaching out.


I have a PLAY 1 and PLAY 5. The Bridge is wired to my BT HUB as is my Apple Mac. Version 10.14

My music is stored on Itunes - which i access via my mac.

I am accessing the mac only.

Appreciate your help.

While I don’t think that it is part of your current drama, keep your BRIDGE on a very short string because, due to age, their reliability can be poor. If you are experiencing trouble finding your SONOS units, assume that this is a BRIDGE issue until proven otherwise.

I’m not an iTunes or Mac user.