Search function doesn’t work in the new app

  • 15 May 2024
  • 6 replies

The search function doesn’t work in the new app, all services seems to be up and running. Tried everything, uninstall/install of app, reboot of network. The search function is working fine on my iPad with the old app (orange one). Anybody knows how to fix this?

6 replies

I have the exact same issue. I’m using YouSee Music as my streaming service in Denmark. When you try to do a search you got “ Ups an error occured - check the service. “ When checked it is up and running. The new app is totally useless with out the search function. Another thing is that you can’t edit the queue. And the last thing which happes several versions ago, is that you can’t cotrol the volume from the psycical buttons og the iPhone.

Same issue

search doesnt work on Music Library

cant pin Music Library as a source

app is for cloud based spotify users now not for people with music collections

volume control is useless

in fact its all gone backwards whereby you have to have your phone always with you now there are no controllers

feel the heart has gone from the product since i bought in 2007 and having done £4k upgrade

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yes, “please be patient, coming back soon”.

In the meantime, we would all like the S2 app back. please let us have it again.

Sorry ? Who asked who needs to be patient ?

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There have been one or two statements to that effect. That “we” the customers are supposed be be patient.

Not sure if this helps. We were having the same problem after installing the new Sonos Ap on our iPhones. Search function found…nothing. We use Napster as our streaming service. The Sonos search function only worked with Sonos radio. The solution was to go open  and update the  Sonos desktop controller on my PC. During that process of updating and signing in a prompt popped up with “Re-authorize Napster”. After reaurhosizing on the desktop controller the search function returned to all our devices.