Radio skipping backwards - BBC radio repeats

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Diagnostic 1334398637, occasionally the radio skips back and repeats a few seconds, the radio will later turn off.

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Hi @HILLBELEY, Thank you for reaching out and welcome to the community. I appreciate you taking the time to submit the diagnostic report. As I check the diagnostic information. I saw some issues like Audio playback failure due to transport errors and Audio drop outs are detected. I’ll ask some questions to further check on this issue. 

  • Is it happening on a specific radio station or any stations?
  • Is it happening on other Music Services?
  • When did the issue start?
  • Are there any changes made on the settings or the Sonos App before the issue occurred?

Keep me in the know with the advice above. 
The Sonos community is always here to help.

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BBC radio 2 on sonosradio

I mostly play radio, so I haven’t noticed other service issues.

about 6 ~ 8 weeks ago I think

last change was setting up S2

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Hi @HILLBELEY, thanks for the update and the information that you provided. Regarding this issue. kindly check this link about Music service audio stops or skips. that may help with some troubleshooting steps. And also this link about reducing wireless interference between your devices and the network. 

Let me know your thoughts with the advice above

We're here to answer any further questions you have.

Good morning,

I’m pleased to see Hillbeley highlighting this, it’s happening for me too. It’s definitely a new phenomenon which has started in the last couple of months. I can absolutely confirm that it ONLY happens with BBC Radio 2 streams started via Alexa on the BBC Sounds skill (I haven’t tried other radio stations). SONOS radio and a Spotify music remain flawless, so this is nothing to do with my setup, it’s been working perfectly for years.

Unfortunately, some streams working correctly doesn’t mean there is no potential for wifi interference in your system. Each streaming company has their own tolerances for interruptions in the stream, so while one seems fine, the next may not, and exhibit the precise symptoms in the complaint. I would second Simon B’s suggestions and links. 

I’m having the exact same issue and it’s driving me nuts. Like others here I listen to Radio 2 most of the day each day and it keeps doing the same thing, skipping back by a few seconds.

There has been no change in my set up or addition of any potential items that could interfere with my set up since this has started.

I’ve resorted to plugging an old DAB radio into my Play 5 and streaming that around the house which isn’t perfect as I find that can be a bit patchy at times but it’s better than the skipping backwards.

For reference I don’t seem to experience this when streaming other radio stations / Spotify.

Just to add, this also effects BBC Radio 4. I also listen to 6 Music but I haven’t heard it happen on that station.

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I also get this on BBC Radio 2 through Tunein.  Haven’t noticed on 6 Music on Radio 4.  The radio doesn’t turn off - just skips back 20 seconds or so.  I’ve only noticed in the past few weeks. 

I have exactly the same annoying problem that started a few weeks back. 

That so many of us are having the same problem, it's unlikely to be a local wifi issue, more likely a Sonos/Sounds issue.

I hope Sonos support will take this on board!

Like many of you above I am experiencing the same issue and again related to listening to Radio 2 and have tried  playing through both TuneIn and through Alexa skills and around the same timescales. It's very odd. Any solution help to resolve this would be great. 

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I have been streaming BBC Radio 2 through my sonos play:1 device in my home office every day since for 5 years without any issues until the last few weeks.  Always used TuneIn until I moved to Sonos Radio. Moved back to TuneIn when Sonos Radio moved to subscription. This is when the problems started. The same happens on my kitchen Play:3, Play:5 and IKEA SYMFONISK. There have been no changes to my WiFi setup/provider or position of my Sonos devices. I’ve invested in your products and expect you to treat your customers better. I listen to a single radio station and Sonos subscription for a free to air BBC service is outrageous. 

I’ve also had the same problem with Radio 2 skipping on TuneIn for the last few months, again not noticed it on Radio 6.  A Sonos dealer wonders if Sonos is building obsolescence into the older products using S1 like many others do to encourage new purchases of products using S2 

I'll chime in here too, as I've had the same issue over the last number of months. I mainly listen to BBC Radio 2 and 6 music, and have had the stream jump back by a number of seconds, multiple times a day.

I also stream music via Spotify often, and have never noticed this problem on that service.

Same issue here with Radio 4.  Listening via Sonos player (on Mac) via Radioplayer.  Happens both when played direct from Sonos or via Alexa using BBC Skill.

Its only started in the last couple of months.  Was rock solid for 10 months prior.

Just noticed a new update to download, so will do this and see if anything changes...




Exact same issue for me too 🤪🤪

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Are Sonia going to do anything about this?

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Exactly the same issue, only BBC RADIO 2 skips backwards. I must also say, its been 3 times now when I've had issues  like this SONOS has tried to blame local wifi and EVERY single time it turned out to be a software issue on their end that was sorted by update. It's frankly getting a bit old to keep blaming the end users set up guys. Last time it was SPOTIFY missing tracks in a playlist. I've probably wasted 12-15 hours over the years tinkering only to find out it needed a patch :)

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I’m also experiencing the same issue which started a few months ago. I’ve only noticed it on BBC Radio 2 and 4 streams. These are nearly exclusively launched via the BBC Alexa skill so I’m not sure whether the issue exists if initiated directly from the Sonos apps TuneIn streams. My system is mainly S2 compatible speakers, running as a S1 system. I’ve not noticed the jump on the sole S1 device (a Connect) but streams from that device are initiated exclusively via the Sonos app (TuneIn) and tend to be non BBC streams. 

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No sadly it does via Alexa or the app.

Hi, i want to add that this is happening to me. same as above. @Simon B @Sonos what are you doing about this?

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Nothing it appears

3 months and counting.



Just come across this thread after a quick google. I’ve been having the skipping problem for the last few months. As with others, nothing has changed in the system apart from the usual Sonos updates. I have 3 play 1 speakers, a Connect and a Move. The Connect is hardwired to my main switch and provides the connectivity to the rest of the setup (apart from the Move which is on the main house Wi-Fi (via Deco M4 Mesh system). The Sonos Matrix looks good from a connectivity and interference point of view and apart from the skips, there are no other issues. We mainly have the system on BBC Radio 2 and all the Sonos products grouped. 

I notice that when it skips, if I restart playback then the system seems to have got behind by about 20 seconds or so. Whether this relates to some sort of buffer size I’m not sure. I’ve tried various things : Reinstating my Sonos Bridge, removing the Move from the system, removing the Connect from the system but with no improvement.

It’s not a big deal as it only happens a couple of times a day, but as the system has worked flawlessly over the years we’ve had it, I’d be keen to understand the issue and get it fixed.

Same problem for me too! I listen to Radio 2 via Tunein and it started jumping back about 6 months ago and nothing has changed regarding set up.

I'm sure the issue is getting more frequent too!

My partner also has the same issue on his system!

It's driving us both nuts!!

I’ve got this same problem with Radio 2 and yes, it kicked in around the same time as others. It seems to be getting more frequent. S1 system and so I don’t imagine Sonos are that interested in sorting out the issue. 

I have the same issue with radio 2 skipping back.  I use tunein and am on the S1 system.  For me the issue began around the time Sonos were trying to force everyone to switch to S2.  
Definitely time for Sonos to sort this out.