Playing MP3 files rec'd via email

  • 20 November 2023
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Hi, I’ve just bought my first Sonos speaker (Sonos 5) so I’m fairly new to all this.

If I connect my iPhone to a traditional Bluetooth speaker, any sound my phone makes will come out of the speaker.  This works well for me as I sometimes receive emails with MP3s as attachments and I can simply open them directly from the email and they will play.

So far I have only set my Sonos speaker up to work with Spotify.  From within Spotify I click the green speaker icon and select ‘Kitchen’ and it works

My question is, how can I play MP3’s attached to an email, that are opened directly from the email on my ipad or iPhone ?

I obviously can’t simply upload to Spotify and play them from there.  I suspect I may need to save the MP3 somewhere first maybe (if so how/where) or perhaps connect to the 5 via a standard Bluetooth connection (if this is even possible?)?

Any help is appreciated!  Thank you!





Best answer by Ken_Griffiths 20 November 2023, 22:29

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4 replies

Try connecting the iPhone/iPad to the Sonos Five using iOS ‘AirPlay’ and use whatever method you use now to play the audio on the phone and that should (hopefully) work for you. If you do not have a current ‘player’ App that you already use, you perhaps could try MusicStreamer, or any number of similar type of audio players available in the Apple App Store.

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Thank you.  I’ve never used Airplay.  Let me explore this.  I may have more questions soon, but cheers 😀

It’s accessible from the iOS device control center. See attached

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Found it, and it just works exactly as I needed

Cheers Ken