Music starts playing after shutting down the system

  • 31 March 2024
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My system has started randomly playing different speakers after they have all been shutdown. It may start one on a porch or it might start several. I just shutdown all music to all speakers and verified they were stopped and it randomly started one back again after a few minutes. 


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3 replies

That was most likely what happened. It has not happened again as I have been using Sonos Radio. Spotify does not play well for whatever reason. It will play fine, but when a commercial comes on it will either play through it like it should, or it will just stop and I have to pause it then press play again to get it going. I have noticed this same behavior when using a Firestick. This makes me think the Spotify app is bad…



Quite possibly it’s a Spotify ‘connect’ session that you have ‘perhaps’ left open on the Speaker(s) be sure to end its session to stop it calling/sending from the source device to the Sonos API. 

See example screenshot.

Thats assuming you’re using Spotify App linked through to your Sonos devices over the local network.

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What source where you using?