Music library folder paths too long to display on phone

  • 22 July 2023
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Does anybody know whether there is a way to truncate the folder path displayed in the Music Folder section when you browse using the S2 app on a phone? The full path from my NAS drive is sometimes displayed in capitals, and that restricts how much of the path is visible on my phone. It’s not much better if the path is displayed in lower case (the display seems to be completely random even if I type it in lower case). Hopefully this gives some idea of the problem:




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4 replies

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Shorten the name of the root or drive name and store your music files in folders closer to the root (ideally one level from the root) so there are less sub folders which would shorten the path name.

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That's exactly what I tried to do, you can see that some of the paths include a "music" sub folder, and I have tried removing this and moving the the individual FLAC files further up the order. But within the Sonos app, I can't see why the whole folder structure needs to be visible, and therefore obscures the final individual folders which in my system detail exactly what the music type/genre is in each.

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Change the name of the NAS to “MC” instead of MyCloud-HY56HE….

Or if you have multiple NAS use MC1, MC2.

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Rotate your phone 90 degrees. Oh wait, the Sonos app doesn’t support landscape.

Use a PC or iPad.