Local Music Library on PC - not all tracks being index

  • 27 November 2020
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I am running a moderately-sized local lbirary on my local PC.  This is the same PC that my Sonos controller is on.  I’ve added the Music directory.  Some of the tracks show up in the Sonos Music Library and some do not. 

I’ve checked that the missing tracks are:

  1. In the right directory
  2. MP3s
  3. Have proper metadata
  4. Have short file names

Any other reason why some albums are found and others are not?


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7 replies

How big is moderately sized? 

If you check in the Folders view of the library can you identify where tracks are missing?

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A few thousand tracks.  I’m well below the 65K limit.

When I browse, it looks like entire folders are missing, not just individual tracks.  Whole albums are not being indexed.  But these are in the same directory structure in which other albums are being indexed, permissions look good, so….

Have you run the ‘update music index now’ process recently?

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Yep, several times.

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As an update, I created a test folder and added it to my music library via the PC controller.  Out of 27 albums, only 12 were found.  I cannot find a pattern regarding why the other 15 were skipped.  This is on WIndows 10 and I am not running iTunes.

File and directory permissions seem fine, and there does not seem to be any problem with encodings or file names.  All files are MP3. 

Below is the directory viewed through the standard file explorer:


And here is what the PC controller is showing:

I am at a loss and ready to toss my Sonos system,.  Any advice?

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Update - if I move songs from a subdirectory into the main directory shown above, the indexer finds them.  If I move the songs back into a subdirectory, it cannot find them.  But since this does not happen for all songs (some in directories are found just fine), I cannot figure out who to fix the issue.

All directory permissions look ok.

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And we have a solution - there is something weird about some of the subdirectories.  I can fix the problem if I copy the files to a new directory or if I just copy the entire directory using ctrl-c then ctrl-v.  Weird.

I have not been able to identify why this is the case.  Some of the directories were created by unzipping zip files, some manually.  I don’t know if that makes a difference.  But for whatever reason, the Sonos indexer just cannot see some of the directories.  

The fix is easy enough.  Annoying, but easy.

In any event, I’ll be sending Sonos an invoice for the time I spent debugging this issue.  I’ll take a free speaker as an alternative. :)