HELP! need to change wifi, but must update first, but can not update because I have changed wifi

  • 26 October 2022
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Please help someone, please!?

I have been in IT for over 30 years and I have never seen an app like this. 

I have changed the wifi to a different router. so what is the problem?

I would like to point my Sonos system (4 x SL + 1 x Sub) to the new wifi please.

but when doing in to System → Network → pressing a greyed out “Manage Netowrks” the Android app tells me System update needed.   ( The app was on auto update but now I have switched off auto update, but it still does demand the update).

Clicking Update, I get the message that there is an update and I have the option to press Update or Not now.

So I press Not now as I want to do the WiFi configuration so I can update. make sense? or am I just stupid in thinking this is a logical way to go?


Think quietly to myself “how interesting” again clicking Managen Networks, laughing at my stupidity of thinking that Not Now would do it. 

again getting the System Update Needed, one thinks that “perhaps it is just the Android app that needs updating as it clearly can not update the speakers as they are configured for the old WiFi” 

So with some held breath, anticipating some magic to happen, I press Update again.

yep! again, there is an update to be done and now I click the magic “Update”

it is looking good, the app is getting started, three dots in the first beautifully design progress bar with the litle circles. a feast for my eyes. a real design triumph. I can really feel and hear the excitment when this design was revield and agreed in the product meeting. marvelous. bloody marvelous. 

But Wait!!  Update problem. there was a problem during the update of your Sonos system, with a suggestion to Try Agin. 

Some how this try again, when there is no network seems to be the thing to do. perhaps it will work without WiFi?  these boys and girls at Sonos, they have it sorted. clever. lets do it.

So we try again and of course it fails again, as it will so if I press the button a thousand times. 

but wait, there is another button with More information and here I see it is an error 30 .  quick scan on the web and it gives “Error 30 occurs when one of your Sonos products tries to download the update file but is unsuccessful.”   another “how interesting” thought is formed in my mind. 

Pausing here for a few moments, letting the enorimty of the situation sink in. I am the only person in the world that has come accross this bug (clearly it must be a bug, yes?), the code clearly would take you to the network setup options to check/configure the connection, so I suppose I am just unlucky that my one+ Android device has caused this bug to crop up on just my phone.  If it had been seen before, by anyone anywhere in the world, of course and clearly, the Sonos clever engineering team would have sent messages expressing their sinserest apologies and shamefully gone about stopping all they are doing and working on this bug until it is fixed, yes? 

So here we have it, can someone please help with fixing this bug or help me find an obvious workaround that my tired eyes and mind are unable to find after hours of menu hopping please?

Question: How to change the network setting when the app insists on an update. Can’t do the update, because we need to change the network. 

Now God help us if the system has been designed and coded to be like this, then thoughts goes to “could really Sonos be doing their part of social responsibility by participating in some care in the community programmes?”  

Me p****d off?   Nooo, you don’t say…..?

Thank you

Per Norrgren


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5 replies

Thanks all, 

and a special thank you to Ken.  very informative and clear.  worked a treat. 

Gone from total dispare to bliss. that was the simplest update / setup to do. 

thank you Sonos. 

Per Norrgren


Just wire one Sonos speaker to the new router, power it on. Next power ‘on’ ALL the other speakers (important) and connect mobile phone/tablet (controller) to the new router WiFi. 

Open Sonos App and all speakers will appear (as per your usual setup). Install any updates.

Now add the new WiFi network credentials in ‘Settings/System/Network/Manage Networks’ using the ‘update networks’ link in the App.

Also remove the old WiFi network in the same section of the App by long-pressing on the old WiFi credentials.

Uncable the wired speaker and all will run on the new router WiFi.

Job done…!👍


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Just to explain what I think happened to you: you changed wifi just as an update was about to happen. The phone app had already updated, but the system hadn't. Because the phone app and the system need to be the same version, you where prompted to update the system - which wasn't possible because you changed the wifi. Sonos deviced have not input schreen or such , so rely on your phone to input new wifi credentials, which usually works well.

Lesson learned: update the system before changing wifi, or have a cable at the ready.

Question:  did you just change your wifi credentials for security reasons, or did you install a new router? Whith the last option, you could have used your ol wifi credentials and the system probably would not have noticed the router change. 

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I couldn’t bother reading your entire post as the hyperbole was too much. 

Have you tried connecting any of your speakers by Ethernet cable? A short yes/no answer will suffice.