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  • 9 August 2023
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So having owned a play 1 and play 3 for a few years yes they are normally powered off. However In preparation for a party and knowing that I previously setup a group to allow Spotify to play playlists, I come to find that groups appear to have disappeared from the sonos app.

Anyone have any suggestions how to create this as I have read through various boards, but cannot see it.

under products I have dining room as play1 and office as play 3. Getting them grouped to play Spotify should be simple enough


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4 replies

Group and ungroup rooms

Hi thanks but it’s not here 


You are looking at the system page, not the playback page. Click on the bottom, where it says office +Dining room, and then click on the icon to the right of the volume slider at the bottom of the page. 

Conversely, click on the four bars icon at the bottom, then select which room you want to be ‘in control’, and add the other rooms using the icon I mentioned in the previous answer, to the right of the volume slider. 

Sonos aren’t really designed to be ‘turned off’, you may want to run a check to ensure you’re running the latest software.