editing or deleting rooms or deleting devices from an old room.

  • 1 March 2023
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This has happened to me before and the S2 app is a bit clunky when adding or upgrading devices. I just upgraded my Home theatre setup by upgrading the sound bar to the Arc. i added it and also added the Sub so now my room is called Family Room (+sub). issue is that when i go to add the surrounds (2x One SLs) it wont let me as they are connected to the old Room now called Family Room (?).  i need to somehow delete that room and/or remove the One SLs for that room so i can add them to the Bar and Sub.  any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Would be great if Sonos would work on making the S2 controller more intuitive and straightforward.




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3 replies

Go into the settings for the Family Room (?) (Settings > System > Family Room).  Choose “Remove Surrounds”.  Follow the prompts.  Note:  Don’t worry about room names until you are finished.  After everything is set up, go into the settings for each room, tap on the room name, and change it to whatever you want. 

Thanks for your reply.

Learning a lot about this system and while it wasn’t allowing me to remove the surrounds, i ended up doing a factory reset on them which allowed me to join them to my Arc and Sub thereby removing them from the other room(s). I am learning that the rooms can automatically be assigned and really don't mean that much. at one point i had Family Room 1, 2 and 3 going and they all disappeared when the devices were assigned to my complete home theater setup. which now shows Family Room Arc (LS+RS+Sub)

Focus on the devices in the room and not the room is what i am learning. And the room that allow adding or removing devices is the key room to work with in this case as i was trying to complete a home theater system.

Also, big tip. since i upgraded my bar from the playbar to the Arc, i should have first removed all devices from my room (Sub, Surrounds - playbar ) then recreate the system starting with the Arc. versus just adding the Arc first with the other devices still attached. Would have saved me a lot of headache.



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“Rooms” are the easiest way to identify the physical location of each speaker set, but the room name is just a label, which could be “fred” and “ginger”, “red”, “blue”, etc. Lounge and garage are clearer - assuming the label matches the physical space, of course!