Contradictory / crazy unsupported bitrate problem

  • 28 December 2023
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I have discovered the craziest thing—I have lossless apple compressed songs in my local music library that I know are supported bit depth and sample rate—but when I try to play them by using “Music Library” as the source, it says “unsupported”. However, when I use Plex as the music source and play the same exact song, it plays it just fine.


Does anyone here hasve any explanation or fix for this?! I REALLY do not want to re-encode these into lower quality files, and my major playlists are all in my itunes/apple library (which is how many of the songs are accessed)



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4 replies

I believe Plex will downres on the fly to a bitrate supported by the player.

I suspect the Plex server/service is perhaps transcoding the audio ‘on the fly’ to a format that Sonos can support. iBroadcast certainly does a similar thing with their cloud service and will even transcode a users uploaded lossless audio files to 128bit ‘lossy’ audio for users who opt to use their ‘free’ service.

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Good to know, and way to go, plex, I guess

Good to know, and way to go, plex, I guess

Yes, love the Plex service on Sonos, it’s also great for playing a local NAS music library on devices like the Roam, Move 2 and a mobile phone (with Headphones) when travelling/away from Home too.